1000+ Solved MCQs: Indian History Question Bank

Indian History Question Bank 1000+ Solved MCQs for UPSC, PSC, SSC and All Other Competitive Exams

Indian History” plays a vital role for Exams like IAS, State PSC, SSC and other similar competitive exams. We presents a complete set of Indian History Questions Answers in the form of Practice Question Bank (1000+MCQs) for Exams like IAS, State PSC, and SSC. 1000+ Solved MCQs: Indian History Question Bank

For all the competitive examination, Indian History plays an important role as the questions from this subject are frequently asked.

Here, we have organised more than 1000+ important questions and answers from Ancient History, Medieval History and Modern History of India.

So, Practice all these Multiple Choice Questions and Answers to prepare for the exams like IAS, State PSC, SSC and other similar competitive exams.

The recently concluded UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examinations has prominently made it clear that candidates should study a topic from multiple dimensions with their own intellectual investment during the process of exam preparation. Keeping this fact in mind, in this book we are providing questions and detailed Solution to each question which will thoroughly test not only knowledge but also presence of mind and ability to apply basic concepts to arrive at most suitable answer to diverse set of objective questions. This book contains quality objective questions (multiple choice questions) on the broad topic of Indian History. The questions have been framed from all possible angles from diverse sources so that this book helps an aspirant to confidently answer any history related questions – even in more ‘uncertain’ and ‘tougher’ future UPSC and State PSC Preliminary exams. 1000+ Solved MCQs: Indian History Question Bank

Key features:

1. 1000 plus high quality Questions framed as per the examination pattern with detailed answers, explanations with relevant value addition for the examination

2. Topic Wise Question categories for easy revision

3. Questions in tune with latest UPSC Civil Services Preliminary exam in terms of the standard, integrated pattern and level of difficulty.

Subject covered:

  1. Ancient Indian History
  2. Medieval History of India
  3. Modern Indian History

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