250+ Most Important Topics For UPSC CSE (IAS) Mains 2021

250+ Most Important Topics For UPSC CSE (IAS) Mains 2021: Current Affairs constitute an important part of UPSC preparation. Often some topics require special attention because of their complexity. These topics need specialized linkages of both static portion and contemporary topics.

MYUPSC is here with Topic Wise Analysis of important issues. We cover distinctive topics that are important in UPSC preparation. Each topic is comprehensively described and covered for the UPSC Mains Examinations point of view. These topics are also helpful in preparing for the Essay paper. And they also aid while preparing for the interview. These topics are picked from daily current affairs and act as value-added material in your IAS mains preparation.

Important topics for the UPSC exam 2021 and the IAS main 2021 will have the overlapping because the time frame of the exam overlaps each other. The UPSC syllabus for prelims and mains exam does not define the topics in detail. The candidates should understand the demand of the UPSC exam by analysing the UPSC syllabus and UPSC question paper simultaneously.

UPSC preparation requires over one year of dedicated preparation in the right direction with the right strategy. Important topics for UPSC IAS exam are the tip of the iceberg of UPSC syllabus. Important topics for UPSC exam provides the right direction to the UPSC IAS preparation.

Civil Services Mains 2021 Strategy and Preparation Tips

UPSC CSE (IAS) Mains 2021 Preparation Strategy for General Studies Paper IV Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude

UPSC CSE (IAS) Mains 2021 Preparation Strategy for General Studies Paper III

UPSC CSE (IAS) Mains 2021 Preparation Strategy for General Studies Paper II

UPSC CSE (IAS) Mains 2021 Preparation Strategy for General Studies Paper I

Most Important Topics For UPSC CSE (IAS) Mains 2021

  1. Ethics of Deep fake and Synthetic Media
  2. Surveillance reform: The need of Hour
  3. RBI to introduce Central Bank Digital Currency: deputy governor
  4. Tipu Sultan and unending controversies
  5. Tipu Sultan is now the centre of controversy in Maharashtra over a proposal of naming a two acres garden after him.
  6. Ethics in Judiciary
  7. Human-Wildlife Conflict
  8. Emerging market electricity Leapfrog
  9. US in Afghanistan
  10. Lightning strikes many parts of North India
  11. Ethics in Cosmetic Surgery
  12. New App for Fisheries Sector
  13. Section 66A of IT Act: Shreya Singhal Case
  14. Indian Martial Arts
  15. Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence for Health
  16. Not-for-Profit Hospital
  17. One Nation One Ration Card
  18. One year of PMFME Scheme
  19. India’s increasing population and associated issues
  20. Nepotism at Workplace
  21. AgriStack: e-Technology to the aid of farmer
  22. 60 years of Antarctic Treaty
  23. Recusal in Judiciary
  24. Great Barrier Reef as World Heritage in Danger
  25. Medical Ethics
  26. Record FDI inflows in India
  27. Catch the rain campaign
  28. Atlantic Charter for a New Era
  29. Operation Blue Star
  30. Conflict of Interest
  31. The Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021
  32. 76th United Nations General Assembly elects its new President
  33. Relevance of ‘G-7 summit 2021’ for India
  34. Chhatrapati Shivaji Coronation Day Anniversary
  35. Ethics of Autonomous Weapon
  36. India’s GDP fall
  37. Teesta Dispute and India-Bangladesh Relations
  38. Why the draconian sedition law must go
  39. COVID-19 and Orphans
  40. Ethics of Digital Media
  41. Israel-Hamas Clash: What it Means for West Asia?
  42. GDP is no longer an accurate measure of growth
  43. Poor state of migrant workers during lockdown
  44. Assessment of geological feature of Lakshadweep
  45. Mitigation measures of Cyclones and related hazards
  46. Declare mucormycosisan epidemic, Centre tells States
  47. Wolf Warriors in the Subcontinent
  48. Jagadguru Basaveshwara
  49. Bioethics of research on children
  50. India’s Forest Rights Act are the Most Viable Forest Conservation Law
  51. Pulse oximetry and importance of oxygen
  52. Cyberattack on US pipeline and its impact on oil prices
  53. Rabindranath Tagore: A philosophical educationist
  54. Ethics of AI: Benefits and risks of artificial intelligence
  55. RBI’s bid for Moderate bond yield and its significance
  56. Intellectual property waiver for Covid-19 vaccines
  57. One Health Approach to tackle the crisis caused by the Pandemic
  58. Under Representation of Women in Indian Political System
  59. The Ethics of Patenting Coronavirus Vaccine
  60. Stampede in Israel makes a crowd-disaster
  61. Russia’s withdrawal from ISS and launch of ROSS
  62. Clampdown of information tantamount to Contempt of Court
  63. Himalayan Fault Lines and Seismic Gaps
  64. Why human cells grown in monkey embryos sparked ethics debate
  65. Central Bank Digital Currency: Where are digital currencies headed?
  66. The launch of Crew-2 mission
  67. Section 124A against Patna groups for CAA, NRC lessons to street kids
  68. International Day of Monuments of Sites
  69. Why human cells grown in monkey embryos sparked ethics debate
  70. Central Bank Digital Currency: Where are digital currencies headed?
  71. The launch of Crew-2 mission
  72. Section 124A against Patna groups for CAA, NRC lessons to street kids
  73. International Day of Monuments of Sites
  74. Ethical Issues in Biotechnology
  75. G-SAP 1.0: Securities acquisition plan to boost the market
  76. RBI favors retaining ‘current inflation targeting regime’
  77. BIMSTEC needs to reinvent itself
  78. A hotter Iran means increased monsoon flow on the Indian subcontinent
  79. Is It Ever OK To Jump Ahead In the Vaccine Line?
  80. Ethics and Human Interface
  81. Understanding Left Wing Extremism and how can it be tackled
  82. Challenges to internal security
  83. Indian Health Sector: Opportunities and Challenges
  84. Two poles of climate targeting: the Net zero-emission and the Climate Justice
  85. ‘BIMSTEC finalizes major connectivity master plan for Bay of Bengal region’
  86. Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 2021
  87. Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi’s principles dealing pandemic
  88. Deep Fakes
  89. Electoral Bonds
  90. Uniform Civil Code and debate surrounding it
  91. Global Gender Gap Index
  92. Non-partisanship and Neutrality are key attributes of Civil Servants
  93. Uranium exploration in Arunachal Pradesh
  94. NITI Aayog vision for Great Nicobar ignores tribal, ecological concerns
  95. Financial inclusion: The last mile challenges
  96. No proposal to implement Panchayat system in Sixth Schedule areas of Assam: MHA
  97. Arctic Ocean and its Relevance
  98. Ethical Issues in International Funding
  99. Privatization of Banks
  100. Myanmar’s Protest and what led to Military Coup in Myanmar
  101. Issue of Marriageable Age for Women
  102. Afghanistan’s peace plan
  103. Sand Mining and its impacts
  104. COVID-19 Passport raises ‘ethics questions’
  105. Assessing India’s Cyber Security Infrastructure
  106. Saksham campaign
  107. India and Sri Lanka re-injects pragmatism into bilateral relations
  108. Analysing a Gender perspective in sustainable sanitation
  109. India-Pakistan ceasefire
  110. Rare Disease Day in India
  111. NITI Aayog suggests lowering coverage of food security law
  112. India’s status as a democracy downgraded to ‘partly free’
  113. The first known ‘space hurricane’ pours ‘electron rain’
  114. System of Whistle blowing in India
  115. Comprehensive Economic cooperation and Partnership Agreement between India and Mauritius
  116. Chandigarh, first in the race to assess the carbon footprint of individuals
  117. Conclusive Land Titling
  118. Mapping the Belt and Road Initiative
  119. The world’s wettest place is witnessing a decline in rainfall
  120. Self-regulation of OTT
  121. Privatisation of Banks
  122. Liberalisation of the geospatial sector in India
  123. Pangolins in Cameroon are on the verge of extinction
  124. Silencing Dissent: Misuse of Sedition Law to Shut Up Critics
  125. How icebergs ‘really’ melt?
  126. Ethical issues with vaccination
  127. Continuity in India’s ties with Central Asia
  128. Pulses for Food Security and Sustainable Future
  129. ‘Kuruba community demanding ST status’
  130. ‘What does energy security mean for Maldives?’
  131. ‘Chamoli glacier break’
  132. ‘Employee’s accountability for social media post’
  133. ‘The future of Indian agriculture’
  134. ‘Special UK BNO Visa Scheme for millions of Hong Kong residents’
  135. ‘Budget Preparation’
  136. ‘Revival of age-old border row between Maharashtra and Karnataka’
  137. ‘Hurricanes and typhoons moving 30km closer to coasts every decade’
  138. ‘Public Participation, an important element of good governance’
  139. ‘Quantitative Easing variants in Emerging Markets’
  140. ‘SC questions over delay in clearing Collegium recommendations’
  141. ‘Countering Disinformation and Hate Speech Online’
  142. ‘Extreme Heat Events in India’s Cities: A Framework for Adaptive Action Plans’
  143. ‘Army officers need ethics training for troops in conflict zones’
  144. ‘America rejoins Paris Agreement’
  145. ‘Taxing Virtual Currencies’
  146. ‘Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)’
  147. ‘The Battle over Forestland’
  148. ‘Forest Fires in Himachal Pradesh’
  149. ‘The Ethics of AI: A Buddhist viewpoint’
  150. ‘Federalism and Interstate River Water Governance in India’
  151. ‘Lumpy Skin Disease’
  152. ‘The New Green Revolution: A Just Transition to Climate-Smart Crops’
  153. ‘The People vs the Indian State’
  154. ‘India needs ‘pluralism’, not ‘majoritarianism’’
  155. ‘Ex-ante regulation for digital markets in India’
  156. ‘Gulf states sign ‘solidarity and stability’ deal at GCC summit’
  157. ‘EU-China deal: short-sold by EC, a reversal ahead’
  158. Brexit: Gibraltar gets UK-Spain deal to keep open border’
  159. ‘Drylands Are Not Getting Drier’
  160. ‘Religion and morality’
  161. ‘ISRO’s DSSAM and the expectations of India’s armed forces’
  162. ‘Tibet returns as fulcrum point between US and China’
  163. ‘Failure of Constitutional Machinery in a State’
  164. ‘Time for a New Concept of Development Adapted to the Anthropocene’
  165. ‘What are the healthcare ethics in a global crisis?’
  166. ‘First Centre of Excellence for Skill development’
  167. ‘One year on, no withdrawal of Pathalgadi cases’
  168. ‘Educating Tribals of India’
  169. ‘UK ‘finally’ struck a post-Brexit trade deal with EU’
  170. ‘Delhi’s position and earthquake zones of India’
  171. ‘Ethics in Media: A Thing of the Past?’
  172. ‘Five Years of the Paris Agreement: India’s Green Investment’
  173. ‘Policy responses to smokeless tobacco (ST) in India during the COVID19 pandemic’
  174. ‘Hate speech repudiates right to equality
  175. ‘Indian Foreign Policy and Its Aspirations: Institutional Design Matters’
  176. ‘Moon controls release of methane in Arctic Ocean
  177. ‘Genome editing and ethical concerns’
  178. Honesty, ethics and integrity in the new workplace
  179. Greenhouse Gas Bulletin
  180. Save hornbills, for they are the gardeners of tropical forests
  181. Astronomers see White Dwarf star ‘switching on and off’ in major finding
  182. Indian Railway to be Net Zero Emitter by 2030
  183. Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission
  184. Government notifies drone traffic management policy
  185. SC on Farmer’s ‘Right to Protest’
  186. Child Sex Abuse: Addressing Gaps in POCSO Data
  187. Call to China on Uighur Rights
  188. China Passes New Border Law
  189. Why empathy is a must-have business strategy
  190. Kunming Declaration on biodiversity conservation
  191. E-Waste: Treasure or Threat?
  192. PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan
  193. China Makes Cryptocurrencies Transactions Illegal
  194. Jurisdiction Enhancement of BSF
  195. Global Hunger Index
  196. PM Action Plan: 60-point Action Plan
  197. Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Act, 2021
  198. Why India’s Bureaucracy Needs Urgent Reform
  199. Disclosure of Bucher papers in ”national interest”
  200. Investigative Journalism and elements of Ethics
  201. Data revolution in Indian agriculture
  202. Launch of ISpA
  203. SC questions rationale for fixing the income limit in EWS category
  204. India’s migrant construction workers: An analysis of their welfare framework
  205. Impact of gender reservation in Indian Urban Local Bodies (ULB)
  206. Case Study: Ethics of Investigative Journalism
  207. Data Revolution in Indian agriculture
  208. Geopolitics of outer space
  209. Data Revolution in Indian agriculture
  210. Empowering Mission Poshan 2.0
  211. Heatwaves in India
  212. Rethinking Ethics
  213. PM releases First non-GM Herbicide-Tolerant Rice Varieties
  214. Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM)
  215. Getting govt. aid not a fundamental right
  216. The Atlantic Niño’s Role in India’s Erratic Monsoon
  217. Low Ethical Standards Are Common in Medical Education in India
  218. Reforms in Urban Planning: Niti Aayog Report
  219. Why is it difficult for India to get to net zero?
  220. Earth Observation Satellites (EOS) are Essential for India’s National Security
  221. Equinox 2021 arrives on September 22
  222. Are COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters Ethical?
  223. Bad Bank will Help to Clean up the Balance Sheets
  224. Mura-Drava-Danube (MDD) biosphere reserve
  225. AUKUS Security Alliance
  226. Lithium and its Distribution across the Globe
  227. Ethics of Vegetarianism: Human Interest Vs Animal Interest
  228. Account Aggregator System
  229. The key to revitalising India’s reservation system
  230. The Pandemic Induced BRI: Then, Now and What Next?
  231. Climate crisis in North East India: Why are rainfall patterns changing?
  232. Abortion Ethics
  233. World Freed from Toxic Lead
  234. National mission on edible oil
  235. China’s first railway link to Indian Ocean
  236. Marital rape, an indignity to women
  237. Minilateralism: Weighing the Prospects for Cooperation and Governance
  238. Ethics of Sending Human to Mars
  239. Tightening the Net
  240. India’s northeastern states desertifying most rapidly
  241. Income can’t be sole basis to decide ‘creamy layer
  242. India to Add 100 more Earthquake Observatories by 2026
  243. Fairness of Intellectual Property Waiver For Covid-19 Vaccines
  244. Plastic waste management rules on beating Plastic Pollution
  245. A new endgame in Afghanistan
  246. Tribunals Reforms Bill, 2021
  247. Caste Census in the times of changing social equations
  248. Bombay HC stays enforcement of code of ethics provisions under new IT rules
  249. In a world-first, South Africa grants patent to an artificial intelligence system
  250. Parliament passes General Insurance Amendment Bill
  251. NCPCR releases report on education of children in minority communities
  252. Centenary celebrations of Madras Legislative Council
  253. Moral and Philosophical implications of Artificial womb
  254. Wildfires: Good servant bad disaster
  255. Preventive Detention: A necessary evil?
  256. Cabinet passes Bill restoring power of states/UTs to make their own OBC lists
  257. The ripple effect of gender inclusivity on India’s economy
  258. The Pegasus Project and the question of Ethics
  259. River Water Pollution
  260. Manual Scavenging in India: A system failure
  261. Why the US has changed its mind on Nord stream 2 pipelines?
  262. The phenomenon of cloudbursts

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Economy Topics for UPSC IAS Mains 2021

Indian Economy topics are more oriented towards current events. The candidates need to prepare the current economic events occurring in India and the world. The candidates need to understand the Indian Economic Structure and its interaction with the world.

  1. Role of RBI in post-COVID-19 recovery
  2. Recovery of Indian Economy after the pandemic
  3. FATF Review of Indian Economy Pushed to 2021
  4. IMF projection and Indian Economy
  5. Garib Kalyan Rozgar Abhiyaan
  6. Zoram Food Park, Mizoram
  7. Google to invest 75000 Crore in India
  8. National Infrastructure Pipeline
  9. Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund
  10. What is Negative Growth?
  11. Deflation and Recession
  12. Indian Economic Structure
  13. The primary, secondary and tertiary producers
  14. Agriculture in India
  15. Banking Structure of India (Recent Bank Mergers)
  16. RBI Mandate and it’s functioning
  17. SEBI, IRDA
  18. REPO rate, Reverse Repo Rate, Marginal Standing Facility, Bank Rate
  19. Crypto-currency and issues related to it ( Recently Supreme Court gave an order related to it)

Geography Topics for IAS Mains 2021

The geography topics are very important because geography is a science-based subject and various candidates found it difficult to prepare. There are a good number of questions from thel geography of India and the world. World geography has very fewer questions in the IAS question paper. The important topics are as follows.

  1. The increasing frequency of Cyclone
  2. Bihar and Assam Floods
  3. Flood and the Indian preparations across the state
  4. The naming convention of cyclones
  5. Physical Features along Indo-China Border
  6. Geo-Magnetic Field and its significance
  7. Cyclone Amphan &  Cyclone Nisarga
  8. Formation of Himalaya and structure of Himalayas, Importance of Himalayas
  9. Physical Geography of India
  10. The drainage system in India
  11. Monsoon pattern in India
  12. Rock System in India
  13. Formation of Rocks
  14. Recent Census figures
  15. Climatology
  16. Hydrology

Indian Polity Topics for IAS Mains 2021

The Indian Polity section is the favorite section of the UPSC because a good number of questions have been asked every year and the question seems very easy and direct but the close analysis of the question provides the insight that the question was difficult. It is suggested to read twice the Indian Polity questions then write the answers. The important topics for India Polity section are as follows.

  1. New Agriculture Laws are essential for long-pending Agricultural reforms
  2. All India orientation of CBI investigation
  3. Implications of J & K reorganisation Act, 2019
  4. Difference between Cabinet Minister and Minister with Independent Charge
  5. Prime Minister as the Residuary Legatee
  6. Preamble
  7. Article related to the Land Boundaries and their redrawing
  8. Articles related to the Citizenship of India
  9. Citizenship Act
  10. Fundamental Rights
  11. Fundamental Duties
  12. Articles related to the Supreme Court of India
  13. Articles related to the Emergency Provisions in India
  14. Article related to the Union-State relations with social emphasis on Article 256, 356
  15. National Security Act
  16. Essential Commodities Act
  17. Important SC Judgements related to Fundamental Rights and Basic Structure Doctrine
  18. Panchayati Raj Institutions
  19. Lokpal Institution
  20. NITI Aayog functioning

History Topics for UPSC IAS Mains 2021

History of India is one of the largest section in the IAS syllabus. Though the number is less, the UPSC can surprise any year with the increase in numbers in the IAS question paper. The important topic is based on the previous year trend and recent discoveries.
The modern history is the most important section of the IAS Mains exam. Following topics will be very important for the IAS Mains 2021.

  1. History of Galwan Valley
  2. Dholavira excavation and the related discoveries
  3. Government of India Act 1935
  4. All the events occurred in the year 1919 and 1920.
  5. All the events related to Mahatma Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru
  6. The Round Table Conferences – I, II and III. (III is most important)
  7. Poona Pact
  8. Jaliawalan Bagh Tragedy
  9. Civil Disobedience Movement 
  10. Cabinet Mission Plan
  11. Quit India Movement
  12. The Social movements in Modern India
  13. The Formation of Indian National Congress, the Democratic Socialist Party and the local parties
  14. The chronology of events leading to the Indian Independence
  15. National Leaders related to the National Movement
  16. Liberal Viceroys of India

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