67th BPSC Art and Culture Preparation Tips – Bihar PSC Art and Culture Study Material Free PDF

67th BPSC Art and Culture Preparation Tips – Bihar PSC Art and Culture Study Material Free PDF. 67th BPSC Art and Culture Preparation Tips: The importance of Art and Culture is rising year on year and BPSC is laying more and more emphasis on this part. However, due to the paucity of art and culture guidance, many students miss out on this part. An additional problem is the fragmented nature of available material for this section. Some would say, refer NIOS, some would ask to refer NCERTs and so on. 

Art and culture have become a prominent part in recent years, with questions being asked in both the prelims and main exams. In general, static questions are asked against the backdrop of current events that have returned in recent years. As a result, we are presenting the books that are most suggested for covering Art & Culture in this post.

BPSC Art & Culture Syllabus

Indian Paintings, Classical Dance Forms, Folk Dance Forms, Classical Music, Pottery, Drama/Theatre, Arts

Harappan Architecture, Temple Architecture, Cave Architecture, Indo-Islamic Architecture, Medieval Architecture, Modern Architecture, Buddhism and Jainism’s Contribution to the Development of Indian Architecture, Rock Cut Architecture, Colonial Architecture, and the Modern Period

Medieval Literature, Modern Indian Literature, Ancient Indian Literature, and so forth.

67th BPSC Prelims 2021 Test Series

BPSC Art & Culture Syllabus in Hindi

भारतीय पेंटिंग, शास्त्रीय नृत्य रूप, लोक नृत्य रूप, शास्त्रीय संगीत, मिट्टी के बर्तन, नाटक / रंगमंच, कला

हड़प्पा वास्तुकला, मंदिर वास्तुकला, गुफा वास्तुकला, भारत-इस्लामी वास्तुकला, मध्यकालीन वास्तुकला, आधुनिक वास्तुकला, बौद्ध धर्म और भारतीय वास्तुकला के विकास में जैन धर्म का योगदान, रॉक कट वास्तुकला, औपनिवेशिक वास्तुकला और आधुनिक काल.

मध्यकालीन साहित्य, आधुनिक भारतीय साहित्य, प्राचीन भारतीय साहित्य आदि।

BPSC Art and Culture Questions

Examine the number of art and culture-related questions asked each year.

ExamNumber of QuestionsDifficulty Level
 66th BPSC 3-4  Easy to Moderate
 65th BPSC 4-5 Medium

BPSC Books for Art and Culture

Check the BPSC Books for all important topics for both Prelims and mains 

1. Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania

This book is comprehensive as far as Art and Culture are concerned. The book also provides previous year questions at the end of each chapter for testing purposes.

2. NCERT Book: 

  • An Introduction to Indian Art Part -1, Class XI NCERT
  • Themes in Indian History-I, Class XII NCERT
  • Themes in Indian History-II, Class XII NCERT

BPSC Preparation Strategy for Art and Culture 

Because Art & Culture is such a broad topic, it is critical that you stick to the syllabus and study only the pertinent sections. Here are some of the most important aspects of BPSC art and culture preparation. Below are some tips that will be very helpful in preparation.

  • History textbooks for Classes VI and VII, as well as XI and XII (NCERTs), encompass ancient and mediaeval history, which should be studied to lay a solid basis. Aside from that, the fine arts textbook for Class XI should be thoroughly studied for the art forms in question.
  • Next, read Nitin Singhania’s Indian Art & Culture and reread it several times to memorise the names. Rote learning is a key component of the Art & Culture preparation plan.
  • Follow the official website of the CCRT (Centre for Cultural Resources & Training) for any significant updates, as well as the pib website for information on GI tags and other recent cultural festivals and initiatives. The CCRT website http://www.ccrtindia.gov.in/ is a particularly suggested source for preparing Performing Arts such as Drama, Theatre, Folk Dances. Also, the plethora of paintings covered on this website is commendable.

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