Anti-Defection Women officers to get permanent commission in Army

Part of: GS Mains I and II – Women empowerment; Gender equality; Society 


  • Ministry of Defence issued the formal Government Sanction Letter for grant of permanent commission (PC) to women officers in the Army.  
  • The order specifies the grant of permanent commission to SSC women officers in all the 10 streams in which they presently serve. 

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Do you know? 

  • The above order follows a Supreme Court verdict that directed the government that women officers be granted PC and command postings in all services other than combat. (Role of Judiciary) 
  • SC had dismissed the Union government’s submissions that women are physiologically weaker than men as a “sex stereotype”.  
  • The court had found the remarks in the note not only constitutionally invalid but also discriminatory, affecting the dignity of women officers. 

Important value addition 

Prejudice & Stereotype: 

  • Prejudice refers to certain attitudes towards an individual or a group of individuals.  
  • Stereotype refers to allocation of particular roles to an individual or group of individuals. 

For example, some have a prejudice towards women that they are weak. This leads to their role allocation in the society and certain jobs have been stereotyped for women-receptionists, teachers, nurse etc. 

  • Prejudice and stereotypes lead to social inequality and exclusion.  

For example, if women are stereotyped as nurses, teachers and receptionists, they stand no chance of becoming an IAS, IPS, Astronaut, diplomat, scientist and soldier. 

Gunjan Saxena served in the Indian Air Force for eight years between 1996 and 2004. She was the first woman to receive the Shaurya Chakra, for valour during the Kargil War. 

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