Arabian Sea Humpback Whale

Part of: GS Prelims and Mains III – Environment and Biodiversity; Conservation; Endangered species 

Basic info:  

  • IUCN status – Least Concern  
  • Found – Around the world  
  • The humpback whale is one of the four species of baleen whales occurring in Indian waters and it is one of the least studied species in India. 

Do you know? 

  • Humpback whales are sexually dimorphic, with females tending to be slightly longer than males.  
  • Their flippers are extremely long, about one-third of their total body length.  
  • These whales have a small dorsal fin that can be shaped like a small hump or a triangular shaped fin.  
  • Humpback whale flukes have a variable colour and have a serrated or a toothed edge. 
  • They have bumps on their heads and lower jaws that have small stiff hairs. 

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