Art & Culture

Art and Culture of India for UPSC/PSC/SSC and Other Competitive Exams


Useful for UPSC/CSE/IAS Prelims and Mains Exam and also important for State Public Service Commission Prelims and Mains Examination
Art & Culture has over the past few years acquired exponential importance across all forms of competitive examinations including UPSC Civil Services. With the study notes, objective of covering almost each and every aspect of Indian Art & Culture, we present before you topic-wise Multiple Choice Questions on Indian Art & Architecture with best study notes.

We have made every effort to touch almost all spheres of Indian Art & Culture including architectural developments in ancient, medieval & modern India, music & dances of India, development of paintings, literature, language and cinema etc.

Topics with Practice MCQ are:

Architecture in Ancient India

Medieval Indian Architecture

Modern Indian Architecture

Indian Dances

Indian Music

Indian Paintings

Indian Languages & Literature

Indian Puppetry & Cinema

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