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Current Affairs 9 January 2020

GS1: India’s freedom struggle

Explained: Who was Ashfaqullah Khan, why did the British hang him (IE) The Uttar Pradesh government has recently announced it will build…

Explained: What is Epiphany festival, who are the 3 kings celebrated on this day? (IE) In Goa, the celebration is known by its Portuguese name ‘Festa dos Reis’,

GS2: Governance

Cabinet nod for FDI in coal mining (TH) The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved an ordinance to amend two laws to ease mining rules, enabling foreign direct investment in coal sector.

Re-grassing is mandatory after mining, rules SC The Supreme Court has directed the Central Government to impose a … Mandatory Conditions For Re-Grassing Mining Area After Operations .

Revised norms for data-led probes (TH)  Revised norms for data-led probes. The Union Home Ministry has said that before seeking information about a person’s e-mail account ….

Explained: Voting at the GST Council (IE) The tradition of deciding by consensus has been broken, and the Council could now see voting on other issues as well. Daily News Prescription 9Jan2020

GS2: International Relations

Cabinet approves agreement between India and Mongolia on Cooperation in the Exploration and Uses of Outer Space for Peaceful and Civilian Purposes (PIB) Cabinet approves agreement between India and Mongolia on Cooperation in the Exploration and Uses of Outer Space for Peaceful…

Cabinet approves Memorandum of Understanding between India and Sweden on cooperation in Polar Science (PIB) Cabinet approves Memorandum of Understanding between India and Sweden on cooperation in Polar Science.

Cabinet approves ratification of Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement between India and France (PIB) Cabinet approves ratification of Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement between India and France.

Cabinet okays mobility pact with France to boost people-to-people contacts (Mint) The agreement had been signed between India and France

Press Brief on Operation Sankalp (PIB) Press Brief on Operation Sankalp. In the backdrop of the deteriorating security situation in the Gulf region, post attacks on merchant ships

GS3: Infrastructure

₹5,559 crore to set up northeast gas grid (TH) The 1,656-km North-East Natural Gas Pipeline Grid will connect Guwahati in Assam to major cities in the region

NITI Aayog proposes draft guidelines for private trains (Mint) Niti Aayog and Indian Railways have come out with a discussion paper for running 150 trains on 100 routes by private operators,

GS3: Economy

CCI Releases ‘Market Study on E-commerce in India: Key Findings and Observations’ (PIB) The Competition Commission of India (CCI) released a Report titled ‘Market Study on E-commerce in India

MHA issues Revised Guidelines for Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters (PIB) The MHA has issued Revised Guidelines for Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters in December 2019

GS3: Science and Technology

Indian cobra genome decoded: how this knowledge can help fight snakebite (IE) Indian cobra genome decoded: how this knowledge can help fight

This word means Goldilocks zone (IE) Where a planet is just the right distance from its star to sustain liquid water — and possibly life.

‘World’s most efficient lithium-sulfur battery’ developed: How it works, why it matters (IE) Researchers have developed this new Li-S battery. Daily News Prescription 9Jan2020

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Daily News Prescription 9 Jan2020

Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 – Government’s Clarification on CAA

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Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 (CAA) passed by the Indian Parliament has resulted in nationwide protests as many felt the new provisions added by the Central Government are discriminatory in nature.

The Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 is connected with illegal migrants who came to India before 31-12-2014.

The new amendments are intended to help illegal migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh get an opportunity to apply for Indian citizenship if they belong to Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Jain, Parsi or Buddhist religious beliefs. Muslims are not listed.

Citizenship Amendment Act 2019: Why are people opposing it?

Those who oppose the CAA feel that the new provisions are against the principles and secular foundations of Indian Constitution, and hence ethically wrong. There are also apprehensions in some sections that the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019, followed by the National Register of Citizens (NRC) is to alter the voters’ profile in favour of the ruling party.

Natives of north-east India, who are most affected by the problems of illegal migration, are against the whole idea of giving citizenship to illegal migrants, irrespective of their religion

Government’s Clarification on Citizenship Amendment Act 2019

To bring more clarity about the stand of the Central Government, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has released the clarification of the government on the issue. The questions and answers published by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) are reproduced below.

Does the CAA affect any Indian citizen?

No, it has absolutely nothing to do with any Indian citizen in any way. The Indian citizens enjoy fundamental rights conferred on them by the Constitution of India. No statute, including the CAA, can abridge or take them away. There has been a misinformation campaign. The CAA does not affect any Indian citizens, including Muslim citizens.

Who does the CAA apply to?

It is relevant only for Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Parsi and Christian foreigners, who have migrated from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan into India up to 31.12.2014, on account of persecution faced by them due to their religion. It does not apply to any other foreigners, including Muslims migrating to India from any country, including these three countries.

How does it benefit Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Parsi and Christian foreigners hailing from these three countries?

If their travel documents like passport and visa are not in order or are not available, they can apply for Indian citizenship if they were persecuted back home. The CAA creates this legal right for such migrants. Secondly, they get a faster route for Indian citizenship through the Naturalisation Mode. The minimum residency requirement in India would be only 1+5 years instead of 1+11 years as applicable for all other categories of foreigners.

Does this mean that Muslims from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan can never get Indian citizenship?

No, the present legal process of acquiring Indian citizenship by any foreigner of any category through Naturalization (Section 6 of the Citizenship Act) or through Registration (Section 5 of the Act) stays operational. The CAA does not amend or alter it in any manner whatsoever. Hundreds of Muslims migrating from these three countries have been granted Indian citizenship during the last few years. If found eligible, all such future migrants shall also get Indian citizenship, irrespective of their numbers or religion.

In 2014, after the settlement of Indo-Bangladesh boundary issues, 14,864 Bangladeshi citizens were given Indian Citizenship when their enclaves were incorporated into the territory of India. Thousands of these foreigners were Muslims.

Will illegal Muslim immigrants from these three countries be deported under the CAA?

No, the CAA has absolutely nothing to do with the deportation of any foreigner from India. The deportation process of any foreigner irrespective of his religion or country is implemented as per the mandate of the Foreigners Act, 1946 and/or The Passport (Entry into India) Act, 1920. These two laws govern entry, stay movement within India and exit from India of all foreigners irrespective of their religion or country.

Therefore, the usual deportation process would apply to any illegal foreigner staying in India. It is a well-considered judicial process that is based on a proper inquiry by the local police or administrative authorities to detect an illegal foreigner. It is ensured that such an illegal foreigner has been issued a proper travel document by the embassy of his country so that he can be duly received by officials of his country when he is deported.

In Assam, the process of deportation happens only after the determination of such a person as a “foreigner” under The Foreigners Act, 1946. Then he becomes liable for deportation. Therefore, there is nothing automatic, mechanical or discriminatory in this

Exercise. The state governments and their district-level authorities enjoy the power of Central Govt. under Section 3 of the Foreigners Act and Section 5 of The Passport (Entry into India) Act, 1920 to detect, detain & deport any illegal foreigner.

Can Hindus facing persecution on grounds of religion in countries other than these 3 countries apply under the CAA?

No, they will have to apply through the usual process to get Indian Citizenship just like any other foreigner for either registration or naturalization as a citizen of India. They would get no preference under The Citizenship Act, 1955, even after the CAA.

Does the CAA also cover other forms of persecution – on grounds of race, gender, membership of a political or social group, language, ethnicity etc.?

No, the CAA is a very focused law that deals specifically with foreigners of six minority community groups hailing from three neighbouring countries that have their distinct state religion. Any foreigner persecuted abroad on any account may apply for registration or naturalization as a citizen of India like any other foreigner if he fulfils the minimum qualifications laid down in The Citizenship Act, 1955.

The CAA will gradually exclude Indian Muslims from the citizenship of India?

The CAA does not apply to any Indian citizen at all. All Indian citizens enjoy the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution of India. CAA is not meant to deprive any Indian citizen of his citizenship. Rather it is a special law to enable certain foreigners facing a particular situation in three neighbouring countries to get Indian citizenship.

CAA will be followed by NRC and all migrants except Muslims will be given citizenship and Muslims will be sent to detention camps?

The CAA has nothing to do with NRC. The legal provisions regarding NRC have been part of The Citizenship Act, 1955 since December 2004. Also, there are specific statutory rules of 2003 to operationalise these legal provisions. They govern the process of registration of Indian citizens and the issuance of national identity cards to them. These legal provisions have been on the statute books since the last 15-16 years. The CAA has not altered them in any way whatsoever.

What are the rules for citizenship under CAA?

Appropriate rules under the CAA are being framed. They will operationalise various provisions of the CAA.

CAA – Myths and Facts in Perspective of North-East (Government’s Release)

Government of India has also released (PIB) Myth Busters in connection with CAA and North-East India.

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Parliament to discuss on crimes against women

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday said the government is ready for a discussion in LokSabha on the issue of crime against women and willing to explore stringent provisions in laws to check incidents like the Hyderabad rape and murder case.

Responding to a discussion during Zero Hour in the wake of the rape and murder of a veterinarian in Hyderabad, Singh said he was falling short of words to condemn the heinous crime.

As soon as the House met for the day, Speaker Om Birla said he would allow members to raise the “serious issue” in Zero Hour.

Uttam Kumar Reddy (Cong) raised the issue of the rape and murder of the 26-year-old veterinarian and slammed the Telangana Home Minister for his purported “insensitive” remarks.

He also slammed the state police for initially delaying to lodge a case.T R Baalu (DMK) raised the issue of sexual assault of a school girl in Coimbatore.Saugat Roy (TMC) said rape convicts should be hanged.

PinakiMisra (BJD) questioned the delay in executing the death sentence awarded to convicts in the “Nirbhaya” gang-rape case.He said laws and establishment on fast track courts will not make a differences till the time the death sentences are not executed.

On November 29, four men, aged between 20 and 24, were arrested on charges of raping and killing the young woman veterinarian in Hyderabad.

Inner Line Permit (ILP)

Simply put, an Inner Line Permit is a document that allows an Indian citizen to visit or stay in a state that is protected under the ILP system.

Context: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has assured the civil society groups that the Citizenship Bill would provide protection to such regions and states where the Inner Line Permit (ILP) is applicable, and autonomous administration has been granted under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution.

The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill aims to make it easier for non-Muslim refugees from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan to obtain Indian citizenship.

  • If it is implemented with provisions for excluding from its ambit the states under the ILP regime, it means that beneficiaries under CAB will become Indian citizens but will not be able to settle in these three states.
  • As a matter of fact, the same restriction applies to existing Indian citizens.

Now, on these lines, even Assam, Tripura and Meghalaya are demanding the implementation of ILP system.

The ILP is obligatory for all those who reside outside the protected states;

  • Currently, the Inner Line Permit is operational in Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Nagaland.
  • It can be issued for travel purposes solely.
  • An ILP is issued by the state government concerned.

Origin of ILP:

ILP’s origin dates back to the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulations, 1873- It prohibited “British subjects” or Indians from entering into these protected areas.

After Independence, in 1950, the word “British subjects” was replaced by Citizens of India and the focus of the ban on free movement was explained as a bid to protect tribal cultures in northeastern India.

Nationwide vaccination to be conducted under Mission Indradhanush 2.0

Centre is launching nationwide vaccination drive to prevent eight diseases under Intensified Mission Indradhanush 2.0 across the country today.

The government’s flagship scheme is aimed at immunizing children under the age of 2 years and pregnant women against eight vaccine preventable diseases.

The IMI covers vaccines for diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, poliomyelitis, tuberculosis, measles, meningitis and Hepatitis B. Vaccines for Japanese encephalitis and hemophilus influenza are also being provided in selected areas.

The IMI 2.0 aims to achieve targets of full immunization coverage in 272 districts spread over 27 States. The IMI 2.0 will be carried out between December 2019 and March 2020.

The campaign will be carried out in 260 development blocks of 43 districts of the state including the capital Bhopal and Indore. In addition , the mission will be running in four-phases in state. Children will be vaccinated under the National Mission Indradhanush in the months in January , February and March next year.

Public Health and Family Welfare Minister Tulsiram inaugurated this campaign in Indore district. The Project Officers of the District Urban Development Agency has been made the nodal officer for the successful operation of the mission.

Australia’s points-based visa policy

Context: In what is seen as an effort to block entry to unskilled people, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised to introduce an Australian style points-based visa policy from January 1, 2021.

Generally, for visas that are points-tested, points may be given for different categories ranging from age to proficiency in English and amount of work experience. To be granted such visas, the individual’s score must reach a cutoff fixed by the authorities.

For workers with an “eligible skilled occupation” there are 10 categories of visas available. Applications are tested with points awarded in various categories. One of these is “Skilled Independent Visa”.

  • A migrant with this visa can live and work permanently anywhere in Australia, study in Australia, sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence and if eligible, enroll in Australia’s health-care system and subject to eligibility, also become an Australian citizen.

Some of the skilled jobs that come under the ambit of the skilled migration program include: accountant, actor, aeronautical engineer, advertising manager, air conditioning and mechanical services plumber, author, baker, swimming coach, urologist and vegetable grower.

What are the advantages of points systems? 

The ability to qualify without an employer sponsor- workers entering under the Australian points system are less dependent on their employers and do not need permission to switch between jobs as they do in the UK; as a result, they are expected to have more bargaining power and to operate in a more competitive labour market.

Steel imports have increased over a period of 5 years ,claims govt.

Government today said import of steel has increased during the last few years.

Replying to questions in the LokSabha, Steel Minister DharmendraPradhan, however, said domestic production has consistently increased regardless of such imports. Mr Pradhan said, in the current year, country is a net exporter.

He said, to counter import of cheap steel, anti-dumping duties have been imposed on various grades of steel which were dumped into the country.

Mr Pradhan further said, import of steel grades which are not manufactured in adequate quantity in the country is essential for supporting manufacturing sector.

The Minister informed the House that the total number of steel plants in the country is 977. He said, work is currently going on in NMDC steel plant in Nagarnar, Chattisgarh, which is a Greenfield project.

In reply to another question, the Minister said, the production of iron ore in the country is sufficient to meet the current demand by domestic steel industry. Mr Pradhan said, the supply of iron ore during last year 2018-19 was 207 metric tonne against its demand of 189 metric tonne.

Centre plans listing of single-use plastics

The Centre is likely to identify as many as eight articles as ‘single-use plastic’ items that will be discontinued on a priority basis, including plastic cutlery, plastic bags and certain Styrofoam items.

Defining single-use plastic is the first step in the direction of doing away with such products in India by 2022, as called for by Prime Minister NarendraModi during his Independence Day address.

While many states have banned plastic, there are wide variations in implementation and the range of products covered.After consulting stakeholders, the environment ministry is close to announcing a clear and uniform definition of single-use plastic.

The idea is to completely phase out single-use plastic where it is replaceable with environment friendly alternatives and to bring in a robust segregation, collection and disposal mechanism for single-use plastic.

The ministry wrote to the states in September asking them to curb production of plastic bags, irrespective of thickness and size, and Styrofoam (thermocol) cutlery and to encourage manufacturers and consumers to shift to other environmentally friendly material.

Every village will be asked to start waste segregation. They will send plastic waste to block-level units that will convert the aggregated waste into bales, shred them and transport them to aggregators for recycling to build in a sustainable mechanism.

India –Sweden to expand cooperation at delegation level talks

Prime Minister NarendraModi held delegation level talks with King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden at Hyderabad House in New Delhi today.

The meeting is aimed at giving a boost to bilateral co-operation in various sectors. Several agreements are expected to be signed between the two countries.

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia arrived on a state visit to India this morning at the invitation of President Ram NathKovind. They were given a ceremonial welcome at RashtrapatiBhawan. This is His Majesty’s third visit to India. The King will meet President Ram NathKovind this evening.

Earlier, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar called on the King and Queen after their arrival and held discussions on ways to deepen bilateral ties.

Apart from the official programme in Delhi, the royal couple is scheduled to visit Mumbai and Uttarakhand. Several documents on furthering bilateral engagement are likely to be signed during the five day visit.

UN chief urges to improve efforts to counter climate change

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has said that the world’s efforts to stop climate change have been utterly inadequate so far.

There is a danger global warming could pass the point of no return. He was speaking before the start of a International Climate Conference in Madrid scheduled for today.

The U.N. Chief noted that the world has the scientific knowledge and the technical means to limit global warming, but the political will is lacking.

Mr Guterres said, he hoped the meeting in Madrid would see governments make more ambitious pledges ahead of a deadline to do so next year.

Delegates from almost 200 countries will try to put the finishing touches on the rules governing the 2015 Paris climate accord at the two-week meeting.

Govt. considering satellite mechanisms to monitor forestation

A satellite-based mechanism to monitor areas under green cover and the growth of saplings planted there is being developed by the government, Union Environment Minister PrakashJavadekar said on Saturday. The Environment minister said some states have made significant achievements in nurturing planted saplings to their full growth.

The Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA) funds to the tune of Rs 47,000 crore will be utilised for greening India, he said after a meeting with the forest ministers and officials of various states.

The minister said “very positive discussions” on issues like the use of CAMPA fund for forestation, water conservation, fodder augmentation and moisture management in the forests, besides the eradication of Lantana weed were held in the meeting.

In August this year, the Environment minister handed over Rs 47,436 crore of CAMPA funds to various states for the promotion of afforestation and achieving green objective of the country.

In the wake of under-utilisation of money for compensatory afforestation, the Supreme Court in 2001 had ordered for coming up with CAMPA fund.

In 2009, the Supreme Court permitted release of Rs 1,000 crore every year to the states and Union territories for compensatory afforestation and other activities.

Jnanpith Award

Context: Eminent Malayalam poet Akkitham has been chosen for 55th Jnanpith Award for the year 2019, Instituted in 1961.

Eligibility: Any Indian citizen who writes in any of the official languages of India is eligible for the honour.

Operation ‘Clean Art’

It is first pan India operation to crackdown on the smuggling of mongoose hair. Conceived by WCCB

Aim: To ensure that the mongoose hair brush trade should be closed down across the country.

Protection: Mongoose is listed in Schedule II Part 2 of the Wildlife Protection Act. Any smuggling or possession of its body part is a non-bailable offence.

Gurpreetsingh and Sunil Kumar wins national wrestling championships

In wrestling, Asian Championships silver medallists Gurpreet Singh and Sunil Kumar clinched gold medals on the final day of the senior national championships in Jalandhar yesterday.

Gurpreet defeated two-time world junior championships medallist SajanBhanwal, who was representing the Railways, by a 3-1 margin, in the 77 kilogram category. This was Punjab grappler’s fourth senior national title.

Sunil also managed an easy win over Punjab’s Prabhal. The Railway’s grappler used all his experience to crush the Punjab wrestler 5-1 in the 87 kg final. In the 55 kg category, Arjun, representing Services, won against Ajay by technical superiority.

Source: The Hindu/Indian Express/Times of India/PIB

The Hindu Newspaper today 23 October 2019

Sonia Gandhi meets Karnataka Congress leader D.K. Shivakumar in Tihar jail  

One in every six missing children from Bengal: NCRB

Paralympic champion Marieke Vervoort ends life by euthanasia

Deepavali rush: Monumental increase in omnibus fares

Mettur dam at full reservoir level thrice in three months

Politics Live | Sonia Gandhi meets Karnataka Congress leader D.K. Shivakumar in Tihar jail

Woman killed in house collapse in Chitradurga

MeT forecasts heavy rain in Telangana 

Sanjay Kumar launches Gandhi Sankalp yatra

Road accident deaths eight times more than murders in Andhra Pradesh

Politics Live | No question of constructing any detention centre in West Bengal: Mamata

Rains damage crops ready for harvesting in Telangana

No question of constructing any detention centre: Mamata

Only BJP is committed to people’s welfare, says Kanna Lakshminarayanan 

Good response to mega job mela in Karimnagar

Hong Kong government to withdraw bill that sparked protests

Development has taken a hit during BJP rule, says A.P. Congress leader Sailajanath

BSNL offers triple play services in Vizag

UEFA Champions League: Tottenham get shot of confidence as Liverpool trip looms 

Duping gold trader: 10 held

Former A.P. Minister Akhila Priya accuses police of foisting cases

Statue of former IAS officer Sankaran unveiled

Telangana Governor Tamilisai Sundararajan to worship at Tirumala

Latest Moon flyby finds no trace of India’s Chandrayaan-2 Vikram lander: NASA

Morning digest: Boris Johnson to pause Brexit legislation, NCRB says 30% jump in ‘crimes against state’, and more 

Transport workers in T.N. up in arms over Deepavali bonus

U.S. lawmakers grill State Department officials on extended curbs in Kashmir 

‘Worse than British rule’

Suspect whose case led to Hong Kong’s unrest leaves prison

ED custody of HDIL promoters extended

Media should be cautious while reporting suicide incidents’

Corporation Bank observes Linguistic Harmony Day

Here is a new way by which industry and academia seek to bridge the skill gap 

If I-T searches my house, it will find documents on BSY: HDK

Meet the white bellbird, the world’s loudest bird

Khaira withdraws resignation as MLA

BSP leaders garlanded with shoes, paraded on donkeys

Nagaland to act against officials who criticise govt. policies

Dhoni ‘riskiest’ celebrity to search online 

Corpn. School students receive Kalam’s book

Share financial burden of Kartarpur pilgrims: Dal Khalsa

Bank staff strike affects ₹350 crore businesses

Corporation goes in for app to combat dengue

Si’Tarc plans to set up solar panel testing facility

The woman behind building 5,000 toilets 

Board exam duration extended by 30 minutes

Sizzling Sterling bags hat-trick as Man City thumps Atlanta

When Omni buses loom ominously

Deepavali shops are here, so are the rains

Proteas paying the price for lack of vision

CPI (M) tackles crisis in Tripura’s tribal council, asserts support of majority

India vs South Africa | Pacers pull a fast one on visitors

Ganguly set to begin his new innings

Chennai city has a poor record on road safety

Smart watches to make Chennai Metro rides easier

Indian Express News today 23 October 2019

Kerala Lottery Today Results announced: First Prize worth is 70 Lakh!

Plea in HC says Gurmeet Ram Rahim ‘mentally harassed’ in jail  

Court orders FIR against Kathua rape investigators    

Humanitarian crisis in J&K…Pak has to act on terror: DC’s Delhi tightrope  

UP: Ayodhya Deepotsva gets ‘state fair’ status with 133 crore budget

Under scanner: Deal between Mirchi’s son and Bhushan Steel

15th Finance Commission meets UP CM: Panel flags economy, lauds decline in poverty

Kamlesh Tiwari killing: Trail littered with clues, prime suspects held

Apex court tears into CBI claims as it grants bail to Chidambaram

In Haryana, it’s advantage BJP — but on the ground, some fault lines are blurred

Ramachandra Guha declines paycheck for cricket stint

Assam announces two-child limit for jobs in govt

Shameful UP tops the list of crimes against women: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

Senior officials skip meet, Governor asks if there is ‘censorship’ in Bengal  

No detention camps will be set up,  religion can’t be basis for citizenship: Mamata

Kamlesh Tiwari murder case: Bareilly cleric and Pilibhit youth detained for ‘speaking with accused’

Prachi demands security, says threat to her life

Kamlesh Tiwari murder hate posts: 32 FIRs filed, 10 held in three days

Rajasthan: Two BSP leaders paraded on donkey by party workers

Two girls escape from Motihari shelter home

Delhi HC bars Twitter, media from publishing on allegations against Luv Ranjan

MHA on NCRB report: Data on 25 categories withheld as it was unreliable  

In Sivakasi, fireworks makers say caught in green cracker haze

J&K govt employees to get salaries as per 7th Pay Commission from October 31

Kashmir situation, if not arrested, will have serious implications: Yusuf Tarigami

Signing of Kartarpur agreement deferred

JCO killed in Pakistan shelling in Nowshera

Home Ministry revokes NSA imposed on Ujjain adulterator

Pressure, there’s fear of Delhi… a Governor is very weak: Satya Pal Malik

J&K: Three militants killed in Avantipura

PMC Bank scam: ED gets custody of Wadhawan till tomorrow

Rajnath Singh: ‘Will give befitting reply to anyone who casts evil eye on India’  

Two-child policy in Indian states

Delhi HC seeks EC reply on plea over Tamang’s disqualification

Pankaj Kumar appointed CEO of UIDAI

Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee calls on PM Modi, gets red-carpet welcome in Kolkata

BJP leader Muniraju Gowda’s disqualification period reduced by poll panel

Officials skip meet again, Governor asks if there is ‘censorship’ in Bengal

Ex-BJP MLA Surendra Nath warns of massacre over ‘love jihad’, booked

Online banking and ATM fraud: Mumbai tops among 19 metros

Highest number of country’s death penalty convicts is in Maharashtra

Latest Bollywood Breaking News 22 October 2019 today

आज तक / मूवी मसाला

नच बलिए: आने वाले हफ्ते ये कपल होगा एलिमिनेट, शो को मिलेंगे टॉप 5 कंटेस्टेंट

स्मृति ईरानी ने निभाई ‘मौसी ड्यूटी’, एकता के बेटे के लिए लेकर आईं खास गिफ्ट

दिसंबर में पिता बनने वाले हैं करण पटेल, ऐसी चल रही तैयारियां

पोलिंग बूथ पहुंचकर भी वोट नहीं दे पाए संजय कपूर, ये है मामला

बिग बॉस 13 के सबसे फेवरेट कंटेस्टेंट बने असीम, सोशल मीडिया पर हो रहे ट्रेंड

बिग बॉस से बाहर हुए अबु मलिक, बोले- इस घर में डांस करना, चिल्लाना है जरूरी

ये रिश्ता में बाप-बेटे के रिश्ते में दरार, कार्तिक से नफरत करने लगेगा कायरव!

सांड की आंख: बहादुरी-इमोशन्स का दमदार मिक्सचर है तापसी-भूमि की फिल्म

बचपन में घर के पास वाले कब्रिस्तान जाया करते थे कादर खान, ये थी खास वजह

दिवाली से पहले मेगाक्लैश के लिए तैयार बॉलीवुड, जानिए कौन मारेगा बाजी?

नवभारत टाइम्स / बॉलीवुड & मनोरंजन

मिलिंद-अंकिता के हद से ज्यादा रोमांटिक फोटो

मंच से उतरते ही निक ने प्रियंका को किया किस

‘तानाजी’ में अब सैफ का फर्स्ट लुक हुआ रिलीज

लंदन में रणबीर कपूर की फीमेल फैन संग सेल्‍फी

मरजावां’ में केवल कैमियो निभा रही हैं रकुलप्रीत?

गाने की आत्मा को मारने जैसा है रीमिक्स’

‘तानाजी’ में अजय का लुक रिलीज होते ही छाया

‘वॉर’ ने तीसरे वीकेंड पर भी की धुंआधार कमाई

सोशल मीडिया पर लोगों ने अक्षय को किया ट्रोल

इस फिल्म में जैकी श्रॉफ की जगह महेश मांजरेकर

दबंग 3: सलमान ने सोनाक्षी को फिर से किया पेश

जाह्नवी की नई कार का श्रीदेवी से है कनेक्‍शन

गोलमाल अगेन’ स्‍टारकास्‍ट की मजेदार बातचीत

जब फराह की दावत में रितिक से मिलीं प्रीति जिंटा

फैंस से नहीं मिल पाए अमिताभ, मांग ली माफी

जल्द ही साथ शूटिंग करेंगे दीपिका और रणबीर?

जोकर’ का देसी वर्जन निभाना चाहते हैं आयुष्मान

दिशा ने शेयर कीं तस्‍वीरें, टाइगर पर आया सवाल

इम्तियाज, डेविड और करिश्‍मा पर बोलीं सारा

आलिया के अंडरवॉटर फोटोशूट पर फैन्स फिदा

करिश्मा ने शेयर किया अपना 90s का बोल्ड लुक

विडियो: पपराजी को तैमूर बोला ‘एक्सक्यूज मी’

विडियो: जब पपराजी को तैमूर बोला ‘एक्सक्यूज मी

जब रेखा ने बोला आलिया भट्ट का डायलॉग

जब कृति सैनन ने की अक्षय कुमार की पिटाई

शाहरुख खान ने खींची करण जौहर की टांग

The Times of India today news 22 October 2019

Fake: Not an Indian soldier getting bullet removed

Popular beauty queen detained at Philippines airport           

Social media linking: SC transfers pleas from HC        

When Abhijit Banerjee shared PM Modi’s joke      

Indian-Canadian Neta set to emerge as ‘kingmaker‘          

2 BSP leaders garlanded with shoes, paraded in Raj        

Ganguly has not spoken to me about Dhoni: Kohli       

Why Cong may be forced to dilute stand on J&K

Most-popular smartphone gets ‘made-in-India’ tag

PV Sindhu supports PM’s ‘Bharat Ki Laxmi’ movement

3rd Test Live: India all set for 3-0 series sweep

Donald Trump to celebrate Diwali at White House on Thursday

Top10: What’s new about next Parl session?

Pics: Celebs attend Manish Malhotra’s Diwali bash

Here’s what is special about ‘Dabangg 3’ trailer

Top10: What’s new about next Parliament session?

Amazon: Gadgets, lights for Diwali under Rs 999

Why at least one leopard dies in India every day 

Exit polls predict more trouble for Congress

Article 370 raised cost of biz in J&K: Jaishankar

VD Savarkar was a nationalist: Abhishek Singhvi

Didn’t refer to any J&K ex-CM: Ram Madhav

5-6% GDP growth is not terrible: Jamie Dimon

Court accepts CBI charge sheet against PC

Amit Shah roots for overworked police

NIT Srinagar abuzz on first day for new batch

Pak’s decision on postal services against norms’

Pak firm on Kartarpur fee, India agrees to pact

Norms to check internet misuse by Jan: Govt

The Hindu News Top Stories Today 22 October 2019

India should have only five permanent Test centres: Kohli     

Chennai’s Home brewed a new platform for original indie music   

Bolivia says Morales near outright victory, unrest spreads  

James Bond film ‘No Time to Die’ shooting three different endings

Nine prominent Delhi roads to be redesigned: Kejriwal

Former Tripura PWD Minister Badal Chowdhury arrested

Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu gives up effort to form new government

Ernakulam MP’s wife apologises for insensitive rape remark after uproar

SC-appointed CoA to demit office after elected office-bearers of BCCI takes charge 

Police to enquire into Manju Warrier’s complaint against director Shri kumar Menon  

Nayanthara and Katrina Kaif come together for promotional video

India consolidates top spot in World Test Championship table     

A positive take

CPI leaders including Ernakulam district Secretary P. Raju, legislator Eldho Abraham arrested 

How will Dhruva’s ‘Aditya Varma’ fare compared to ‘Kabir Singh’ and ‘Arjun Reddy’? 

Hover-taxi whizzes over Singapore, firm eyes Asian push

Netizens up in arms against insensitive rape remark by Ernakulam MP’s wife

Hues and shades

CPI leaders including Kochi district secretary P. Raju, legislator Eldho Abraham arrested

Bhartiya Kisan Union hits out at U.P. govt. for booking farmers over power dues

Be an iron woman

Supreme Court to examine whether Facebook, WhatsApp should give govt access to private chats

Modi says he had an ‘excellent’ meeting with Abhijit Banerjee

We have not fled the country, says Kalki Bhagavan, after I-T raids on his premises

Delhi roads to be redesigned, landscaped: Arvind Kejriwal

‘Gods of Dharmapuri’ web series presents actor Satya Dev in a new zone

Three workers injured in fire at cracker unit in Sivakasi

How will Dhruva’s ‘Aditya Varma’ compare to ‘Kabir Singh’ and ‘Arjun Reddy’?

Data: How was IRCTC’s debut on the stock market?

Why the Saptaparni is called the devil’s tree  

Bollywood actor Shamata Anchan in Rajinikanth ‘Darbar’ 

S.Korea says scrambled fighters after Russian warplanes violated air defence zone

Police to enquire into Manju Warrier’s complaint against director Sree kumar Menon

Modi meets Abhijit Banerjee, discusses various subjects

Govt. employees of J&K, Ladakh UTs to get salaries as per 7th Pay Commission from October 31

Six new lizard species found in Western Ghats

The story of Malcha Mahal

BBMP wants to start dumping waste at Mittaganahalli

Japan emperor to complete enthronement in ritual-bound ceremony

Malaysia, Indonesia to challenge EU biofuels law at WTO by end-2019

U.S. says it supports India’s objectives on repealing Article 370, but concerned over restrictions

Woman cross-examined in case against Tejpal

Morning Digest: SC to decide on Chidambaram’s bail plea today, exit polls predict a BJP victory in Assembly elections, and more

Neolithic petroglyphs crave for conservation

Nawaz Sharif’s son-in-law Capt (retd.) Safdar arrested in hate speech case

Deeply concerned over reports of human rights abuses, religious discrimination in Pakistan: U.S.9 

Many hydro-power projects could face closure

IRCTC to pay compensation after delayed run of Tejas

DAC clears indigenous projects worth ₹3,300 crore

DC asks parties to appoint booth agents for electoral roll revision

Facebook ramps up security efforts ahead of 2020 U.S. election

Several areas in Dharwad waterlogged

Police Commemoration Day held

Food safety officials inspect GH canteens

Uttar Pradesh tops in crimes against women, says NCRB report

Ex-MLA’s ‘missing’ daughter loses contact with lawyer

Abhishek Singhvi’s tweet on Savarkar sparks row

Sheffield United beats Arsenal 1-0 in Premier League

No rethink on ties with TDP: BJP

Workers demand Deepavali advance, settlement of dues

Hydropower projects could face closure

Nagaland recalls all police personnel on leave

Check rise in caste atrocities in schools, says Adi Tamilar Peravai

Applicants for government college posts in a tight spot

Polling booths on ground floor come in handy for many

Take pride in having taken part in Keeladi excavation: Su. Venkatesan

Army expects rise in infiltration bids in Tangdhar sector

No takers for Gayle and Malinga in The Hundred draft

T.N. tops in reporting grave crimes against senior citizens

Rapinoe named but Modric, Neymar miss out on Ballon D’Or shortlist

Sindhu looks to snap run of early exits

Indian Express News today 22 October 2019

PM joked about media trying to trap me into saying ‘anti-Modi’ things: Abhijit Banerjee

Watch: Army defuses three mortar shells along LoC in Poonch

PM joked about media trying to trap me into saying ‘anti-Modi’ things: Abhishek Banerjee

Kerala Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS-180 Today Results announced: First prize worth is 70 Lakh!

Madras HC: Must always believe child rape victim’s testimony

Exit polls call it for the BJP: NDA set to sweep Maharashtra and Haryana

NCRB leaves out data on lynchings, Khap and religious killings

Distress signal: Share of youngest workers in NREG begins to rise

Kamlesh Tiwari killing: Suspect forged Aadhaar card to enter his party fold

Internet disrupting democratic polity, new rules in 3 months: Govt

Siachen area now open to tourists, says Rajnath Singh

Action taken in Dussehra 2018 train tragedy, says Amarinder Singh 

Penniless, under debt, Mexico deportees stare at uncertain future

Tarun Tejpal trial: Defence lawyers start cross-examination of victim

Supreme Court stays trial in Chhattisgarh sex CD case

Kartarpur corridor: Harsimrat slams Pakistan for $20 fee, asks Punjab government to bear it

Kamlesh Tiwari murder: Nagpur suspect gave passage to killers, says ATS

Heavy rain lashes parts of Kerala, IMD issues red alert for five districts

Muslims should hand over all disputed sites to Hindus: UP Shia Waqf Board chief

Madhya Pradesh HC frowns on changes to honey trap SIT

US Congress panel to discuss Jammu and Kashmir today

At hamlet near LoC, 16-year calm shattered in one night

After Army strike, J&K Governor asks Pak to behave

Indo-US trade: Piyush Goyal says contours of deal worked out

Pakistan troops violate ceasefire in Poonch

Digvijay Singh suggests new system of counting votes

Kartarpur pact tomorrow, India asks Pakistan to scrap $20 fee

How Bihar PSC cleaned its act: Codes, late choices

No stay on construction of Aarey metro shed: Supreme Court

Kamlesh Tiwari Murder: Police trail ‘killer duo’ to Bareilly town, announce Rs 2.5 lakh award

Gujarat Confidential: Bonus Vacation

INX Media case: Court takes cognizance of charge sheet

Bengaluru: Mechanic held for killing ex-V-C

Gujarat has highest number of Pakistani undertrial prisoners in India: NCRB 

Shun Malaysia, India’s palm oil buyers told amid Kashmir standoff 

‘English-speaking liberal media’ didn’t present ‘fair picture’ on Art 370: Jaishankar

Chinmayananda writes to UP Police, wants law student booked under Gangster Act   

Exponential rise in hate speech, fake news and anti-national activities due to internet: Centre to SC

Murder case of Unnao rape survivor’s father: Court pulls up CBI for submitting incomplete evidence

Moderate turnout in bypolls to 51 assembly and 2 Lok Sabha seats, rains mar polling in Kerala

PM mementos auction date extended once again  

SC to pronounce verdict on Chidambaram’s bail plea in INX Media corruption case

Siachen area in Ladakh now opens for tourists: Rajnath Singh

Siachen area now opens for tourism: Rajnath Singh

If Pakistan doesn’t end terror activities, Army will go deep inside: J&K Governor

Evening news briefing: Maharashtra, Haryana polls ends, SC on Mumbai’s Aarey trees and more

J&K: Day after India destroyed terror camps, Pakistan violates ceasefire in Poonch

Over 75% of Indians have personal wealth below $10,000: Report

Sadhvi Pragya calls Mahatma Gandhi ‘son of soil’, says she follows his footsteps

Kerala: Student, critically injured after hammer fell on his head during athletics meets dies

Kartarpur agreement to be signed on October 23: MEA

Kerala records ‘excess’ rainfall in October so far, red alert in five districts on Tuesday

Pakistan stopping postal mail to India violates international norms: Ravi Shankar Prasad

Kerala Win Win Lottery W-535 Today Results announced: First prize is worth Rs 65 lakh!

Not stopping Aarey metro shed, interim order against tree felling to continue: Supreme Court

In a first, IRCTC to pay Rs 1.62 lakh compensation for Tejas Express’ delay

Kerala state Win Win Lottery W-535 Today Results: Winner to take home Rs 65 lakh!

Don’t subscribe to his ideology but Savarkar an accomplished man: Abhishek Singhvi

BSNL CMD expects revival plan to be in public domain within a month

Savarkar an accomplished man, played part in freedom struggle: Congress leader Abhishek Singhvi

Parliament Winter Session to be shorter this year      

Kerala Win Lottery W-535 Today Results: Winner to take home Rs 65 lakh!

Supreme Court stays trial against Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel in ‘sex CD case’

The Times of India News 21 October 2019

X-factors in Maha polls: 40 BJP-Sena rebels in fray

High stakes for 4 satraps in fight for 90 Haryana seats

3rd Test Live: SA 129/6 at lunch on Day 3

‘Infosys is dressing up books to boost numbers’

Infosys accused of dressing books to boost numbers

IIT Kharagpur to start MBBS course in 2021-22

Plastic bag used for garlands, DM fines MP principal

3rd Test Live: Spinners rattle SA before lunch

Bizman snatches chains to offset betting losses

Lady Gaga’s Sanskrit tweet takes internet by storm

3rd Test Live: Zubayr Hamza hits fighting fifty

WATCH: Shooters come to blows at Karni range

Heavy rain lashes Kerala, voting disrupted

X-factors in Maha polls: Fear of low turnout, 40 BJP-Sena rebels in fray

South industry neglected at PM’s meet: Khushbu

3rd Test Live: Umesh removes Du Plessis early

Srinidhi Shetty to make her Tamil debut

6 issues that may shape Maharashtra elections

Amazon Diwali sale: Gadgets at Rs 499 or less

3rd Test Live: India eye further control on Day 3

6 issues that may shape voting in Maharashtra polls

Live score 3rd Test, Day 3: India vs South Africa

Maharashtra assembly elections: Highlights

Haryana assembly elections: Highlights

Top10: Should India bothered about its IMF quota?

‘Smartest’ thing richest man did at Amazon

Bypolls live: Polling under way in 51 seats

Actresses who flaunted their baby bumps in style

Assembly polls live: Voting under way in Maharashtra, Haryana

Corals come back to life in India

Bypolls live: Voting on in 51 assembly seats

NDA, Oppn in first electoral face-off since LS polls

By-elections 2019 live updates: Polling under way in 51 assembly constituencies of 17 states

Live: Voting under way in Maha, Haryana assembly polls

Live: Voting begins in Maha and Haryana

Live: Voting to begin in Maha and Haryana at 7am

Forty thousand run Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2019

27 legislators raise flag, paint JD(S) first family in a corner

Collegium judges had no issue with work process 

Buzz of ‘generational makeover’ in Congress

IMD to launch app on weather forecasts

‘Detained former CMs of J&K inciting people’

‘Ayodhya ruling must uphold constitutional values’

Google Photos: How iPhone users get more space

DGCA probe finds ‘alarming practices’ by airlines

Less than a quarter of ROVs cast vote in LS polls