Anjali Sharma conquers Mount Kilimanjaro wearing Luanchari

Anjali Sharma of Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh has scaled Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa wearing a traditional Gaddi dress (Luanchadi). Lunachari is traditional dress of Himachal Pradesh. Read more: Current Affairs India Yearbook 2023 Lunachari is traditional dress of Himachal Pradesh. Anjali Sharma is the first woman to do so. This record of hers has brought … Read more

[Ebook] Persons in News: Useful for competitive exams

Persons in news Ebook in Hindi 2021 Useful for Competitive Exams: Every day in the news we see people from various segments like Sports, Politics Business, Film Industry, Education, Music, Defence, Ministries, etc. making headlines for various reasons. Questions pertaining to these people are frequently asked in the competitive exam. You can easily get a … Read more