WHO report: 25 key health services disrupted globally

The World Health Organization recently reported that at least half of 25 kinds of health services experienced disruptions due to COVID-19. The findings were based on the survey conducted by the international organization in its six regions. According to the report of the WHO, the immunisation-outreach were the most hit. Following this, the second most … Read more

United Nations Guidelines on Access to Social Justice for people with Disabilities

The United Nations recently released the first ever guidelines to social justice for people with disabilities in order to make it easy for them to access justice systems in the world. The Guidelines The Guidelines are as follows All persons with disabilities have legal capacities. Therefore, none shall be denied access to justice based on … Read more

Pathogens listed Critical by World Health Organization found in River Yamuna

The World Health Organization, 2017 had published its first list of antibiotic resistant priority pathogens that pose the greatest threat to human lives. These critical group and certain multi-drug resistant bacteria are found in River Yamuna according to a group of researchers from IIT Delhi. Highlights The study conducted by the researchers says that sewage … Read more