UPSC CMS Cut-off Marks 2023: Check Expected Cutoff Marks & Previous Year’s Cutoff

UPSC CMS Cut-off Marks 2023: Check Expected Cutoff Marks & Previous Year’s Cutoff. UPSC CMS  cut-off 2023: Get insights of previous year cutoff, category wise cutoff, written and cutoff marks, UR, EWS, OBC, SC, ST cutoff marks, Trend of previous 5 years cutoff. Read more: UPSC CMS Previous Question Papers PDF Download UPSC CMS Exam 2023 … Read more

राजस्थान का सामान्य परिचय

राजस्थान क्षेत्रफल की दृष्टि से हमारे देश का सबसे बड़ा राज्य है। 1 नवम्बर 2000 को मध्यप्रदेश से छत्तीसगढ़ का गठन हुआ और उसी दिन से राजस्थान देश का प्रथम राज्य बना। राजस्थान का कुल क्षेत्रफल 3,42,239 वर्ग कि.मी. है। जो कि देश का 10.41प्रतिशत है। क्षेत्रफल की दृष्टि से राजस्थान की तुलना की जाये … Read more

General Studies Practice Test-2

Join our telegram channel for Regular Updates Civil Services Preliminary and State PSC Exams daily Practice MCQ 1. in the first ever India’s inter-state relocation, a tiger was shifted between which two states? (a)        Uttarakhand & Madhya Pradesh (b)       Madhya Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh (c)        Madhya Pradesh & Odisha (d)       Gujarat & Maharashtra                          2. Which … Read more

Thar the Great Indian desert

Join our Telegram Channel for Regular Updates The Thar Desert also known as the Great Indian Desert encompasses 77,000 square miles of rolling sand dunes in the northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan. Small portions of the desert also extend into the Indian states of Haryana, Punjab and Gujarat, but these states do not exercise extensive … Read more

Temperature Variation in Rajasthan: Geography of Rajasthan

Geography of Rajasthan

Join our Telegram Channel for Regular Updates Geography of Rajasthan History of Rajasthan Polity and Administration of Rajasthan Art and Culture of Rajasthan RPSC RAS/RTS Mains Exam Practice/Mock/Solved/Test Papers in Both Hindi and English. RPSC RAS/RTS Mains Exam Practice Test in English Hindi RPSC RAS Mains Exam Solved Test Paper-1 RAS Mains Exam Practice Test … Read more


RAS/RTS MAINS EXAM MOCK TEST PAPER RAS Mains Test Series Part-1 RAS Mains Test Series RAS Mains Test Series Part-2 RAS MAINS EXAM TEST PAPER-3 RAS/RTS Mains Exam Paper-I Complete Study Notes RPSC RAS/RTS Mains Exam Paper –II Study Notes CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

New Development Project in Rajasthan RAS Mains Exam Free PDF

RPSC RAS/RTS Mains Exam Useful Important Topics Development Projects Announced in Rajasthan Budget that will Transform Rajasthan Construction of an underpass Ram Niwas Bagh will now be connected to Jaipur-Delhi National Highway through an international level underpass. The project will be carried out as part of the Smart City Program and Jaipur Smart City Limited … Read more

Paleolithic Mesolithic Neolithic-Old Stone Age in Rajasthan

Ancient India is an important part of History Syllabus for UPSC IAS/PSC Prelims Exams. Most of the questions related to History, Art and Culture have been appearing from this section in Prelims Exam. Candidates are advised to go through previous year questions to fully understand the nature of questions from Ancient History Part. Stone Age … Read more

Ancient-Medieval-Modern History of Rajasthan

    Download-History of Rajasthan-Complete Study Notes   Ancient Civilizations of Rajasthan Practice MCQ Stone Age Paleolithic-Old Stone Age in Rajasthan Mesolithic sites in Rajasthan Neolithic Age in Rajasthan Practice MCQ Kalibangan Civilizations Ahar-Banas Culture Chalcolithic Phase OCP Culture of Rajasthan Rajasthan during Vedic Period Iron Age in Rajasthan Rajasthan during Mahajanapads Practice MCQ Rajasthan … Read more

Geography of Rajasthan Study Notes

 Download-Geography of Rajasthan Study Notes Physiography of Rajasthan and Related MCQ Physical divisions of Rajasthan Peaks of Rajasthan Geology of Rajasthan Seismic Zones & Earthquake Hazard in Rajasthan Western Sandy Plains South-Eastern Rajasthan Pathar Aravalli Range and Hilly Region Eastern Plains of Rajasthan Climate of Rajasthan and Related MCQ Climatic Regions of Rajasthan Temperature Variation … Read more

RPSC RAS Mains Previous Papers For General Studies Paper I

RAS/RTS Mains Exam Paper-I Complete Study Notes Paper – I General Knowledge and General Studies Unit-I Part A History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition and Heritage of Rajasthan Art-Culture-Heritage of Rajasthan for RAS/RTS Mains Exam Paper-I Study Notes-Download   Ancient Medieval Modern History of Rajasthan for RAS Mains Exam Paper-I Notes-Download   Major landmarks in the … Read more

(RPSC) RAS Mains Exam Practice Solved Questions Part-3


Explain the Health, Health Infrastructure and Health Policy of Rajasthan for Benefits of society? Answer:- The State Government is having focus on the medical sector to promote health status of the people of the State especially for the weaker sections of the society. The State is committed to control and eradicate communicable and other diseases and … Read more

RPSC RAS Mains Exam Practice Solved Questions Part-2

What is black money? Discuss its implication in context of India? Black money is defined  as assets or resources that have neither been reported to the public authorities at the time of their generation nor disclosed at any point of time during the possession. The problem with  black money is huge . It has serious … Read more

(Daily) RAS Mains exam practice solved questions

Daily Practice question answer for RAS Mains Exam-2018 as per last 4-5 years question paper analysis. this question answer series will be continue up to mains exam will be held on last week of December-18. if want to boost your score than subscribe via mail so you will  get notification every time.     Recently … Read more

RAS Mains Exam Paper-III Law & Behavior Study Notes

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF Behavior:- Intelligence: Cognitive intelligence, Social intelligence, Emotional intelligence, Cultural intelligence and Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple-intelligence Personality: Psychoanalytical theories, Trait and Type theories, Determinants of personality and Assessment of personality. Learning and Motivation: styles of learning, Models of memory, causes of forgetting. Classification and types of motives, Theories of work … Read more