Cochin Shipyard builds Autonomous Electric Ferries for Norway

The Cochin Shipyard has signed contract with ASKO Maritime AS of Norway to build two autonomous electric ferries.

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The project is to be partially funded by the Norwegian Government. The project aims to provide emission free transport of goods. It aims at emission free transport across Oslofjord inlet in Norway.

About the Vessels

The vessels are 67 metres long and are delivered as full-electric transport ferry. They are powered by 1846 kWh batteries. The value of the ships are Rs 125 crores each. It is designed by the Naval Dynamics Norway. The ships were designed using Kongsberg Maritime Systems.

Cochin Ship Yard

The Cochin Ship Yard is already building 23 hybrid electric boats for Kochi water metro. It is India’s largest ship builder.

Kochi Water Metro

The Kochi Water Metro envisages 15 routes connecting 10 islands. The plan is to ply 38 jetties. Around 1 lakh islanders are to benefit from the project. The project will introduce environmental friendly boats.

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