Conservation of River Nag

Bombay High Court recently noted that the Nag River, from which Nagpur city derives its name used to be a vibrant and clear rivulet. It warned that Industrialisation has reduced Nag River to a cursed lady.  

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The Bench said unless a comprehensive plan dealing with all aspects of the clean-up, beautification and maintenance of the river is drawn up, “no major success in restoring the river to its original state is going to be achieved”. 

The river serves as drainage for Nagpur and as a result its ecosystem is heavily polluted by urban waste from the city.  

Do you know? 

  • Nag River Rejuvenation was cleared by National River Conservation Directorate in November 2019. 
  • Share of Centre in the project is 60%, 25% of state and remaining 15% of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC). 
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency is expected to approve long term loan for shares of Centre and State. France-based AFD (French Development Agency) is preparing the Detailed Project Report and likely to approve long term loan for the project. 
  • Expected cost for Rejuvenation and Beautification is approx. 1600 crores. 

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