MYUPSC: PT Master- Prelims Test Series for UPSC 21

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Prelims Test Series for UPSC IAS 2021: PT Master Test Series: There will be 14 sectional and 3 full length tests enabling the aspirants to evaluate themselves at periodic intervals. These tests have been planned in a manner that a student will get sufficient time to cover the relevant section of the syllabus before the date of the test. Though, students can write tests as per their own convenience, we would, however, expect them to be punctual. There will a detailed discussion of around two hours after every test. These simulation tests will be strictly according to the UPSC pattern having 100 questions per test. The mixture of questions will be 60% static G.S. Section and 40% current affairs. Prelims Test Series for UPSC IAS 2021



  • There will be 14 sectional + 3 Full-length tests.
  • Detailed discussion after every test.
  • The tests will be strictly based on the UPSC pattern.
  • A mixture of questions will be 60% static G.S. Section and 40% current affairs.
  • Personalised Guidance by expert team.
  • First Test will be held on 15th October 2020
  • Limited Period Offer on the test series.
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