Current Affairs 2019 Yearbook Special Issue-Polity and Governance

Polity and Governance Current Affairs Yearbook 2019-20

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General Knowledge

Current Affairs

We are presenting here the current events and news in the area of Indian Polity and Governance is very important for the General studies paper in the UPSC Preliminary and Main exam. Useful for UPSC IAS IES State PSC and all other exams-2019.In recent times’ questions are set on only those topics that have made news. Regular study of Indian Polity and Governance from NCERT books or otherwise is no longer required. The idea is to follow the current affairs news related to Indian Polity and Governance and understand the logic/concept behind those issues. This issue will definitely improve your basic and current knowledge of subject.


Indian Polity and Governance


1.         SUPREME COURT JUDGMENTS           

1.1        Section 377  

1.2       Aadhaar        

1.3       Promotions in SC/ST        

1.4       SC/ST Reservation – Home State

1.5       Delhi CM vs LG       

1.6       Delhi – UT vs Centre           9

1.7       Criminalisation of Politics           

1.8       Puri Jagannath Temple

1.9       Rohingyas Deportation     

1.10     Striking Down of Beggary Act      

2.         LEGISLATIONS      

2.1       Reservation for the ‘Poor Forward’        

2.2       Restoration of SC/ST (PoA) Act Provisions      

2.3       Amendments to RTE Act  

2.4       Personal Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2018 – Leprosy      

2.5       Assessing Defamation Law           

2.6       Impact Assessments of Legislations       

2.7       Unconstitutional laws in India    

3.         THE UNION

3.1       Code of Conduct for Members of Legislature   

3.2       Sale of Enemy Property     

3.3       Usage of Private Member Bill      

4.         THE STATES           

4.1       Removal of J&K DGP         

4.2       Dissolution of J&K Assembly      

4.3       Second Chamber in States

4.4       Verdict on TN MLAs Disqualification    

4.5       Jammu & Kashmir Resettlement Law   

5.         JUDICIARY  

5.1       Decision on Appointment of SC Judge   

5.2       Post-retirement Appointment of Judges           

5.3       Issues with Judges’ Recusal         

5.4       Concerns with Collegium system           

5.5       Misuse of Section 124        


6.1       All India Judicial Service  

6.2       Significance of Art 35A and Art 370      

7.         ELECTIONS 

7.1       Representation of the People (Amendment) Bill, 2017 – Proxy Voting       

7.2       Usage of Preferential voting system       

7.3       Appointment of Election Commissioners         

7.4       Finance Commission Formula for NE States   

7.5       Re-election on Maximum NOTA Votes 

7.6       Usage of VVPATs in Elections     

8.         LAW COMMISSION          

8.1       Law Commission on Legalizing Gambling       

8.2      Law Commission on Personal Laws       

9.         RIGHTS ISSUES     

9.1       Women’s Entry into Sabarimala Temple          

9.2       Clause 6 of the Assam Accord      

9.3       Protests in Mizoram – Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and the Chakmas   

10.       OTHER ISSUES      

10.1     Maratha Reservation Demand    

10.2     Doctors with Disabilities  

10.3     Report on Death Penalty in India           

10.4     Abolishing Capital Punishment in India           

10.5     Shifting to Register-Based Census          

10.6     Scrapping Educational Qualification      

10.7     Issues with Teachers’ quota in Universities     

10.8    NSA for Cattle Offences     


11.1      Threat to RTI          

11.2     Reinstating CBI Director  

11.3     CBI vs States – Withdrawal of general consent           

11.4     CBI – Kolkata Police Stand-Off    

11.5      Civil Service Lateral Entry

11.6     Reforming the Bureaucracy         

11.7      Regulating Lobbying         

11.8     Understanding Corporate Governance  

11.9     Need for Anti-Surveillance Laws

11.10   Statutory Recognition of Trade Unions 

11.11    Pitfalls in Navodya Vidyalaya Model      

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