Current Affairs MCQ 27 December 2019

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Question Bank – 27 December 2019

Q1. Which of the following are the main salt producing states in India?

1) Andhra Pradesh

2) Kerala

3) Gujarat

4) Tamilnadu

a) 1, 2& 3 only

b) 2, 3 & 4 only

c) 1, 3 & 4 only

d) all of the above

Answer: C – 1, 3 & 4 only

Q2. The Ganga Mahasabha to oppose the damming of Ganges was formed by which of the following Indian freedom struggle leaders:

a) Lala Lajpat rai

b) Madan Mohan Malaviya

c) S Radhakrishnan

d) Annie Besant


b) Madan Mohan Malaviya

Q3. Torrefaction, recently seen in news is related to?

 a) Farm extension services and mechanization

 b) Management of pesticides and plant quarantine

 c) Converting biomass into a coal-like material

 d) None of the above

Answer: c)

India tests Swedish torref action technology to reduce stubble burning.

It is a thermal process used to produce high-grade solid biofuels from various streams of woody biomass or agro residues.

Q4. Sukapaika river, recently seen in news is the distributary of which river?

 a) Yamuna

 b) Godavari

 c) Mahanadi

 d) Krishna

Solution: c)

Sukapaika is one of the several distributaries of the mighty Mahanadi river in Odisha.

Embankments have killed Odisha’s Sukapaika river that was the lifeline of over 0.5 million people.

Q5.Which state is going to observe 2020 as Susashan Sankalp Varsh?

 [A] Uttar Pradesh

 [B] Gujarat

 [C] Haryana  

[D] Madhya Pradesh

Answer: C  Haryana

Q6.The followers of which religion are called the “Hynniew Trep”?

[A] Shinto

[B] Taoism

[C] Seng Khasi

[D] Confucianism

Answer: C  Seng Khasi

Q7.Which government is going to conduct ‘Night Walk’ to promote women empowerment?

[A] Tamil Nadu

[B] Andhra Pradesh

[C] Karnataka

[D] Kerala

Answer: D  Kerala

Q8.In which state, India’s first university for transgender community will be opened?

[A] Uttar Pradesh

[B] Kerala

[C] Gujarat

[D] Andhra Pradesh

Answer: A   Uttar Pradesh

Q9.Which of the following is called the Falcon Capital of the World?

[A] Siberia

[B] Nagaland

[C] Meghalaya

[D] China

Answer: B     Nagaland

Q10. Which American firm is developing the Project Kuiper, which is to launch thousands of satellites into space?

[A] SpaceX


[C] Amazon

[D] Blue Origin

Answer: C   Amazon

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