Current Affairs Mcq 28.10.2018

Daily Current Affairs Notes/Quiz-28 October 2018

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1) Where was the 64th meeting of the Indian Public Administration Institute organized?










(2) Recently, the North East festival was started in Delhi, how many days is this festival?


(A) 2


(B) 6


(C) 5


(D) 1

 (3) Where is the first information technology the University of Madhya Pradesh established?











(4) Who won the World Billiards Championship 2018 title?


(A)Peter Gilchrist


(B)Robert Swann


(C)Sourabh Kothari


(D)Vivek Sharma

Daily Current Affairs Notes/Quiz-28 October 2018

(5) In which year was the Tagore Award instituted for cultural harmony?


(A) 2010


(B) 2005


(C) 2003


(D) 2011

 (6) Who won the title of Miss Grand International 2018?


(A)Lina Hayden


(B)Rita Mathur


(C)Clara Soso


(D)Vanilla Petter

(7) When is the World Television Day celebrated?


(A)Jan 16


(B)November 21


(C)April 10


(D)August 27

(8) Who is the State to present the Lokayukta?


(A)Madhya Pradesh







Daily Current Affairs Notes/Quiz-28 October 2018


(9) Who won JCB Award 2018?




(B)Ms. Maya Nehwal


(C)Prakash Chandra Sethi


(D)Ronit Roy

 (10) Which election is not conducted by the Election Commission of India?


(A)Vice President


(B)Rajya Sabha


(C) Assembly


(D)Panchayat elections

Q11. Who recently took oath as the new Prime Minister of Sri Lanka?

(A)Matricola Syrisona

(B)Mahindra Rajapaksa

(C)Ranil Wickremesinghe

(D)None of these


Q12. Recently, the winners of the United Nations Human Rights Award 2018 have been announced which of the following is included in the list

(A)Asma Jahangir

(B)Rebecca Guimi

(C)Repeat lifting

(D)Frontline Defender

(E) All of the appropriate


Q13. Which country was first ranked in the list of best places for excursions named ‘Best in Travel 2019’ released by Lonely Planet


(B)Sri Lanka




Q14. Recently, the book Jasmine Days was WON the first JCB award in the field of literature, who is the author of this book

(A)Anshul Diwakar

(B)Shri Charan Yogi


(D)Deepak Patil


Q15.UNESCO will organize Technical Conference TECH-2018 in which state in international education



(C)Andhra Pradesh

(D)Uttar Pradesh


Daily Current Affairs Notes/Quiz-28 October 2018


Q16. What indigenously built fighter aircraft was handed over to the IAF after successful testing?


(B)Sukhoi Su-30 MKI

(C)MKI 245A

(D)Frontline fighter S-34


Q17. India represented by _____ at the 13th India-Japan Annual Summit held in Japan.

(A)Prime Minister Narendra Modi


(C)Piyush Goyal

(D)Rajnath Singh


Q18. Which Indian has recently won the WBL World Billiards Championship 2018 title?

(A)Sourav Kothari

(B)Piyush Sharma

(C)Manmohan Pareek

(D)Vijay Srivastava


Q19. Who was the first place in QS Asia University Ranking in 2019, on the quality of education?

(A)IIT Mumbai

(B)IIT Delhi

(C)Singapore National University

(D)University of Hong Kong


Q20. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), what place will India be in the aviation market by 2024?





Daily Current Affairs Notes/Quiz-28 October 2018

Q21. Which city was recently established in the first cryptocurrency ATM of the country?

(A)New Delhi




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