Daily Current Affairs MCQs – 21-06-2020

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1. Ashwani Bhatia has been appointed as the new Managing Director of which Indian public sector bank?

[A] Punjab National Bank
[B] Bank of India
[C] State Bank of India
[D] Union Bank of India

Answer: C [State Bank of India]

The Banks Board Bureau (BBB) has recently recommended the appointment for the top-level position of three public sector banks.
The BBB recommended the appointment of Ashwani Bhatia as the next Managing Director of State Bank of India. Ashwani Bhatia is currently the Deputy Managing Director in SBI. The Board also recommended the appointment of Matam Venkat Rao as the MD & CEO of Central Bank of India and PP Sengupta as the MD & CEO of Indian Overseas Bank.

2. When is the Global Parents Day celebrated by the United Nations, every year?

[A] May 31
[B] June 1
[C] June 3
[D] June 4

Answer: B [June 1]

June 1 was declared as the Global Day of Parents by the UN General Assembly in 2012. Since then, June 1 is being celebrated as Global Day of Parents every year.
The day is celebrated with an objective of honouring all the parents around the world for their commitment and sacrifice they do for their children. Among the efforts to build social development, the UNGA proclaimed 1994 as the International Year of the Family and 15 May of every year as the International Day of Families.

3. Which consumer electronics company has partnered with Indian start-up incubator T-Hub to support start-up ecosystem in India?

[A] Realme
[C] Xiaomi
[D] Huawei

Answer: B [OPPO]

Chinese mobile communication cum consumer electronics company OPPO has recently partnered with Indian start-up incubator T-Hub to support start-up ecosystem in India.
Under the partnership, the start-ups specializing in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Battery, Camera and Image Processing will be scaled up. The selected start-up firms will receive incubation support and market access from OPPO as well as mentorship from T-Hub.

4. As per the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the southwest monsoon occurs during which period of the year?

[A] July-August
[B] June-September
[C] September-December
[D] August-November

Answer: B [June-September]

As per the recent announcement from the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the southwest monsoon arrived on time over the Kerala coast. The southwest monsoon usually occurs in the period of June-September.
IMD declares the start of the monsoon when 60% of the 14 meteorological stations in Kerala record 2.5mm of more rains for two consecutive days. The other two factors are the westerlies (winds) and the outgoing long wave radiation. IMD also revised the forecast for rains to 102% of long-period average.

5. Which subordinate office of Agriculture Ministry recommends the change in minimum support price (MSP) to the Union Cabinet?

[A] Commission for Agricultural Costs & Price
[B] Mahalanobis National Crop Forecast Centre
[C] National Centre of Organic Farming
[D] Directorate of Pulses Development

Answer: A [Commission for Agricultural Costs & Price]

The Commission for Agricultural Costs & Prices (CACP) is an attached office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. Based on the recommendation of CACP, the Union Cabinet fixes the minimum support price (MSP).
Recently, the government raised the minimum support price (MSP) of paddy marginally by Rs 53 per quintal to Rs 1,868 per quintal for the 2020-21 crop years. It also hiked the rates for oilseeds, pulses cereals and commercial crops. This is expected to give 50-83 per cent higher return over the cost of production to farmers.

6. Which private foundation is set to become the largest funder of the World Health Organisation (WHO)?

[A] Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance
[B] Ford Foundation
[C] Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
[D] Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations

Answer: C [Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation]

After the United States President Donald Trump announced that the country is to terminate its relationship with the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is set to become the largest funder of W.H.O.
This would be the first time a private foundation is to become the biggest funder of a United Nations Agency. Among the present top 10 funders, only four are member countries, one is European Commission and the remaining are foundations or philanthropies.

7. Which state has made Aadhaar card mandatory for services like Salons and beauty parlours, to facilitate contact tracing?

[A] Kerala
[B] Tamil Nadu
[C] Andhra Pradesh
[D] Odisha

Answer: B [Tamil Nadu]

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu released the standard operating procedure for the salons, beauty parlours and spas, when they resume their service after the lockdown.
As per the rules, the mentioned service providers will have to maintain a record of the name, phone number, and address and Aadhaar number of the customers as a preventive measure against Covid-19. It would also facilitate contact tracing. Other sanitation procedures were also provided for resuming.

8. Which association celebrated its 125th Annual session on the theme “Building India for a New World: Lives, livelihood, growth”?

[A] Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
[B] Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)
[C] National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM)
[D] Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)

Answer: A [Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)]

The Prime Minister has recently delivered the inaugural address at the 125th Annual Session of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) through video conference.
The theme of this year’s annual conference is “Building India for a New World: Lives, livelihood, growth”. The Prime Minister addressed the conference on “Getting Growth Back”. He congratulated the industry body on completing 125 years of the organisation and said Intent, Inclusion, Investment, Infrastructure and Innovation important to build an AtmaNirbhar Bharat.

9. STIP 2020, which was seen in news, is a scheme related to which field?

[A] Agriculture
[B] Science & Technology
[C] Sustainable Development Goals
[D] Electronics Manufacturing

Answer: B [Science & Technology]

The Central Government has initiated a consultation process for formulation of a new national Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (STIP 2020).
To formulate this policy, the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA) to the Government of India and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) has jointly initiated a decentralised process. This is the 5th Science and Technology policy of the country.

10. When is World Bicycle Day celebrated every year, across the world?

[A] June 2
[B] June 3
[C] June 4
[D] June 5

Answer: B [June 3]

The United Nations General Assembly had declared 3 June as World Bicycle Day. The Assembly acknowledged bicycle for its versatility and longevity and its usage for two centuries.
The UN encourages its stakeholders to encourage the use of bicycles as a means of promoting sustainable development and health. It also welcomes various initiatives to organise bicycle rides at the national and local levels and develop a culture of cycling in society.

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