Delhi’s E-Vehicle Policy

Part of: GS Prelims and Mains III – Environment and Pollution; Green initiatives; Sustainable development 


  • Delhi government launched Electric Vehicle Policy 
  • It aims to ensure 25% of the newly registered vehicles in Delhi by the year 2024 we e-vehicles 


  • Boost the city’s economy 
  • Reduces pollution levels 
  • Generates employment in the transport sector 

Measures taken – 

  • Various incentives to promote the purchase of e-Vehicles 
  • Low interest rates for the purchase of e-Vehicles 
  • To waive off registration fees and road tax on newly registered e-vehicles 
  • Creation of network of charging stations  
  • Policy Push by government for e-vehicles (reduction of GST rates from 12% to 5% for vehicles, and from 18% to 5% for vehicle chargers)  
  • Push by State governments to adopt e-vehicles (Eg. Delhi, Kerala) 
  • Dedicated schemes like FAME; local manufacturing and the growth of domestic technology. 

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