Rajasthan Economy RPSC RAS : Rajasthan, the largest (area-wise) state in India, is located in the north-western part of the subcontinent. It is surrounded on the north and north-east by Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, on the east and south-east by Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh and on the south-west by Gujarat.

Rajasthan offers tremendous opportunities in the areas of organic and contract farming as well as in infrastructure developments related to agriculture. Rajasthan is the largest producer of rapeseed, bajra and mustard. It is the second largest producer of oilseeds and spices and third largest producer of soya bean and coarse cereals in India. Rajasthan is a leading producer of limestone, silver, gold, copper, marble, sandstone, rock phosphate, and lignite. The state is the largest producer of cement in India. It has 24 major cement plants. Rajasthan is also the second-largest producer of milk and the largest producer of wool in India. Rajasthan Economy RPSC RAS

The economy depends on many factors. The factors are agricultural production, industrial production, contribution from service sector and contribution by export/import of goods, Plantations of spices, mushroom development, floriculture, fish farming and horticulture can make the agro sector viable and income generating. The industrial sectors need to be further diversified to areas like production of alloys, production of electronics goods, production of military hard wares and production of lithium batteries. Production of varieties of chemical products is necessary to meet the domestic demands and export to other countries. Production of solar panels, wind mills and non conventional energy products may help the export sector. Skill development, population control and communal harmony are factors which may help the economy. Stress on mineral production and processing may also help the economy. Diversion to electric vehicles may reduce the import of oil from other countries. All these combined may help the economy in future.

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Economy of Rajasthan Study Notes with Practice Questions, Schemes including Budget. This is useful for RPSC RAS/RTS Prelims, Mains and Other Competitive Exams of Rajasthan.


  1. Economic Terminology
  2. Rajasthan: an introduction to Economy
  3. Industrial Development & Economic Growth in Rajasthan
  4. National Income: Basic Concepts
  5. Monetary Policy and the Reserve Bank of India
  6. Fiscal Policy of India: Meaning, Objectives and Impacts on the Economy
  7. Classification and Operations of Commercial Banks in India
  8. Money Supply and Inflation
  9. National Development Council
  10. Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in Rajasthan
  11. Special Economic Zones – SEZ-Rajasthan
  12. Transport Infrastructure of Rajasthan
  13. Urban Infrastructure in Rajasthan
  14. Rural Development in Rajasthan
  15. Special Area Development Programmes
  16. National Family Health Survey-Rajasthan
  17. Skill development in Rajasthan
  18. Unemployment in Rajasthan
  19. Poverty in Rajasthan
  20. Agriculture Sector in Rajasthan
  21. Service Sector in Rajasthan
  22. Industrial Sector in Rajasthan
  23. Industries of Rajasthan
  24. Important Departments & Organisations
  25. Policies, Concessions & Facilities for Industries in Rajasthan
  26. Public Enterprises in State
  27. Economic Planning in Rajasthan
  28. Public Distribution System
  29. Current Affairs: Economy
  30. Practice Solved MCQ

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