Electric Propulsion System

Recently, ISRO has planned to launch GSAT-20, based on electric propulsion technology which has helped in reducing the weight of the satellite to just 3.5 tonnes.

  1. Electric Propulsion System (EPS) can reduce the dependence on chemical propellant thereby increasing the payload capacity of the vehicle.
  2. Electric Propulsion system helps in orbit correction of a satellite.
  3. It helps in maintaining a satellite on its path during its entire life duration.
  4. This system provides small but accurate thrust to a satellite in its orbit.
  5. The new system converts solar energy available in the space into electrical energy and later to kinetic energy by generating thrust that propels a satellite.
  6. This system has been already tested by Russian space agency and NASA.
  7. It has immense capability to eventually lower the cost of launches.

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