“Elephants. Not Commodities” Report: 200 elephants in India are in inadequate conditions

The International Animal Welfare Organization, World Animal Protection on the eve of World Elephant Day (August 12) released its report, “Elephants. Not Commodities”. According to the report, over 200 elephants in India are kept in severe inadequate conditions.


The report researches on Elephant Tourism in the countries such as India, Thailand, Laos, Nepal, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

The Report on India

According to the report, India is home to second-highest number of elephants used in tourism in Asia. There are 21 venues in India that houses 509 elephants that are used in Tourism. The report says that of these 509 elephants, 45% (225) are in inadequate conditions.

The World Animal Protection is working to phase out Elephant rides in Amer fort in Jaipur. Over 100 elephants here provide daily rides to 1000s of tourists.

Highlights: World

The report says that over 3,800 elephants are in captive in over 357 Asian Elephant Tourism sites. Thailand is home to three-quarters of these elephants. The country has seen a 70% rise in just 10 years of time.

Asian Elephants

During the Conference on Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (COP 13) that was held in India in February 2020, Asian Elephant, Great Indian Bustard and Bengal florican were the top 10 endangered species of migratory animals that were included in UN list of protection. The COP 13 was held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

The Asiatic Elephants are found in the Indian sub-continent and South East Asia. It has been listed endangered as its population declined by 50% in the last three generation.

World Animal Protection

The International Animal Protection Organization, World Animal Protection has been in operation for 30 years. The organization works to end animal cruelty in the world. The headquarters of the organization is located in London.

The organization has launched a global appeal to ban trade of wild animals. It has appealed to the leaders of G20 to agree for the global ban when the G20 nations are to meet in November, 2020.

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