(Free) India Yearbook 2020-21 Vol-2 for Civil Services Examination

India Year Book 2020 is one of the most important source materials for UPSC IAS Preparation. The book is one source that covers all the information needed regarding various programs and policies launched by the government, which is very helpful for civil services exams for both prelims and mains of IAS examinations.  The India year book information ranging from urban to rural India, industry to infrastructure, art and culture, technology and science to economy, health, defence, education and mass communication is put together.  Information about sports, national events and international events having relevance to India are also depicted in this book. India Yearbook 2020 New Edition Volume-2

Every year GRASP IAS publishes GIST of the India Year Book for UPSC Exam in two parts which covers the important chapters of the Book in point format. We have covered the data, programmes, policies, institutions, recent initiatives which are important from both prelims and mains point of view of UPSC IAS Examinations 2020.  India yearbook 2020, yearbook 2020.

Volume 2 of the summary of India Year Book 2020 includes the chapters on:

  1. Health & Family Welfare
  2. Housing and Urban Affairs
  3. India & The World
  4. Industry
  5. Law & Justice
  6. Labour, Skill Development & Employment
  7. Mass Communication
  8. Planning
  9. Rural Development
  10. Scientific & Technological Developments
  11. Transport
  12. Water Resources
  13. Welfare
  14. Youth Affairs & Sports

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india yearbook 2020-21 for civil services exam

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