(Free) UPSC Prelims General Studies Paper: 101 Speed Test with 10 Practice Sets

UPSC Prelims General Studies Paper: 101 Speed Test with 10 Practice Sets: 101 Speed Tests for CSAT Paper 1 with 10 Practice Sets is thoroughly revised and updated edition with addition of new questions in different section. It contains all the IMPORTANT CONCEPTS which are required to crack this exam. This concept is covered in the form of 101 SPEED TESTS.

No matter where you PREPARE from – a coaching or any textbook/ Guide — 101 SPEED TESTS provides you the right ASSESSMENT on each topic. Your performance provides you the right clues to IMPROVE your concepts so as to perform better in the final examination.

It is to be noted here that these are not mere tests but act as a checklist of student’s learning and ability to apply concepts to different problems.

The book is based on the concept of TRP – Test, Revise and Practice. It aims at improving your SPEED followed by STRIKE RATE which will eventually lead to improving your SCORE.

How is this product different?

• The book contains 101 Speed Test on CSAT paper 1 pattern.

• Each test is based on topics which are most important for the CSAT Paper 1 exam. Each test contains 20 MCQs on the pattern of the exam.

The whole syllabus has been divided into 9 sections which are further distributed into 91 topics.

1. History is distributed into 16 topics.

2. Geography is distributed into 11 topics.

3. Indian Polity and Governance is distributed into 11 topics.

4. Economics is distributed into 13 topics.

5. General Science is distributed into 15 topics.

6. Ecology is distributed into 4 topics.

7. Science & Technology is distributed into 6 topics.

8. General Awareness is distributed into 8 topics.

9. Current Affairs is distributed into 7 topics.

• In the end of each section a Sectional Test is provided so as to sum up the whole section.

• Finally at the end 10 Practice Tests are provided so as to give the candidates the real feel of the final exam.

• In all, the book contains 2800+ Quality MCQ’s in the form of 101 tests.

• Solutions to each of the 101 tests are provided at the end of the book.

• Separate Time Limit, Maximum Marks, Cut-off, Qualifying Score is provided for each test.

• The book also provides a separate sheet, SCORE TRACKER where you can keep a record of your scores and performance.

• It is advised that the students should take each test very seriously and must attempt only after they have prepared that topic.

• The General Awareness and Current Affairs sections have been updated.

• Once taken a test the candidates must spend time in analysing their performance which will provide you the right clues to IMPROVE the concepts so as to perform better in the final examination.

It is our strong belief that if an aspirant works hard on the clues provided through each of the tests he/ she can improve his/her learning and finally the SCORE by at least 20%. – (disha experts)

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