From Waiter to an IAS Officer: An Inspiring Story of K Jayaganesh

K.Jayaganesh has ranked 156th rank in UPSC 2007. It goes without saying that he fought his way up from poverty to an IAS officer. K. Jayaganesh, an engineering graduate, decided to his dream and clear Union Public Service Commission Civil Services Exam to give his best.

K Jayaganesh’s Family and Educational Background

K.Jayaganesh was born in a village named Vinavamangalam near Ambur in northern Tamil Nadu. his father worked as a leather factory supervisor and his mother was in charge of family affairs. Jayaganesh studied in a rural school until the eighth standard and then moved to a nearby town to complete his class X . Then he got admission to Polytechnic college.

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Together with the other three brothers and sisters, the family’s income is very less, because his father’s monthly salary is 4,500 rupees only. K Jaganesh’s father understands the value of education immensely and encouraged Jaiganesh to complete his studies.

K Jayaganesh’s Journey

Jayaganesh completed his polytechnic with a good score of 91% and was then admitted to the Thanthai Periyar Government Engineering College to study mechanical engineering. After graduating in 2000, Jayaganesh moved to Bangalore to find a job. Within a very short time, he managed to have a job in an industrial tool company, but his monthly earning was not more than 2500 rupee.

Even in the midst of such financial stress, he decided to prepare for IAS (UPSC CSE) exam. To give his best, he had to quit his job in Bangalore and went home to started preparation with full attention for IAS (UPSC CSE) exam.

His father also gave the 6,500 rupees which he earned from the leather factory as a bonus to Jayaganesh to purchase all the study materials and obtain notes from the coaching centre in Chennai. In his first two attempts, he was unsuccessful in the IAS (UPSC CSE) Prelims Test.

Even in the third attempt, he could not attain his dream due to not having proper guidance.





Art & Culture

Science & Technology


Current Affairs

He became aware of the All India Civil Service Training Center in Chennai, which is a government-funded training centre. He cleared the entrance exam conducted by the training institute and started attending classes free of accommodation.

In his fourth attempt, he qualified for the IAS (UPSC CSE) prelims, but according to the rules of the training centre, if students write the mains exam, there will be no free Accommodation. Therefore, he decided to join a part-time job as a computer accounting clerk in the canteen of the Sathyam Cinema. He also worked as a waiter during his break time.

Jaiganesh qualified in the IAS (UPSC CSE) Mains exam but was unsuccessful in the IAS (UPSC CSE) Final Iinterview due to poor English skills. Later, on his fifth attempt, he was unsuccessful at the prelims exam itself, Then he joined as a sociology teacher for IAS (UPSC CSE) aspirants at a local training centre.

On the sixth try, he qualified for both IAS (UPSC CSE) Prelims and Mains but was unsuccessful in an interview again, He got a job in Intellectual Bureau, During his final attempt attended an interview in April 2008 in Delhi.

During the interview, he was asked questions about Tamil politics, its history and relationship with cinema, and other aspects. Jayaganesh was done successfully. Finally, he secured 156th rank out of 700 selected candidates.

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His success was received with real joy at home, and all the people of his village welcomed him with great love and happiness. It is not only a story of self-belief, confidence, but also inspiring for many Aspirants.

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