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Test Series: UPSC IAS Prelims Exam 2020

1. Electron beam therapy is a kind of radiation therapy to treat?

(a) Enlarged prostate gland

(b) Gall bladder stones

(c) Certain types of cancer

(d) Kidney stones

2. Cobalt (60) isotope is used in the treatment of?

(a) Heart diseases

(b) Skin diseases

(c) Diabetes

(d) Cancer

3. Which of the following is an ant diabetic drug?

(a) Insulin

(b) Penicillin

(c) Chloroquin

(d) Aspirin

4. The organ of the human body directly affected by the disease of hepatitis is

(a) Liver

(b) Lungs

(c) Heart

(d) Brain

5. Which one of the following disease is not caused by virus?

(a) Polio

(b) Rabies

(c) Small pox

(d) Diphtheria

6. Of the following, ELISA test is performed to test

(a) Diabetes

(b) Tuberculosis

(c) AIDS

(d) Syphilis

7. The radio-isotope used to detect blood-clots in the Circulatory system is

(a) Arsenic-74

(b) Cobalt-60

(c) I-131

(d) Sodium-24

8. Keeping pigs away from human settlements helps in the Eradication of

(a) Malaria

(b) Japanese encephalitis

(c) Elephantiasis

(d) Polio

9. Which one of the following human organs is less susceptible to harmful radiations?

(a) Eyes

(b) Heart

(c) Brain

(d) Lungs

10. Artemisinin, a drug to cure malaria is obtained from a

(A) Seed plant

 (b) Fungus

(c) Bacterium

(d) Moss

11. The Minamata disease of Japan in 1953 was caused by eating fish contaminated with

(a) Nickel

(b) Lead

(c) Mercury

(d) Cadmium

12. The disease caused by swelling of the membrane over Spinal cord and brain is

(a) Leukaemia

(b) Paralysis

(c) Sclerosis

(d) Meningitis

13. Emphysema is a disease caused by environmental pollution in which the affected organ of the body is

(a) Liver

(b) Kidney

(c) Lungs

(d) Brain

14. The mad cow disease is caused by

(a) Bacteria

(b) Viruses

(c) Fungus

 (d) Prisons

15. Which of the following decrease in number in the human body due to Dengue fever?

(a) Platelets

(b) Haemoglobin

(c) Sugar

(d) Water

16. What is MRI?

(a) Magnetic Record of Intestines

(b) Magnetic Recording of Investigations

(c) Magnetic Resonance Imaging

(d) Magnetic Resonance in Intestines

17. Which of the following disease is caused by Vitamin B3?

(a) Beri – beri

(b) Night blindness

(c) Rickets

(d) Pellagra

18. Salk’s vaccine is connected with which one of the following diseases?

(a) Small pox

(b) Tetanus

(c) T.B.

(d) Polio

19. Which of the following is a substance available in small quantity in the sea and administered in a certain deficiency disease?

(a) Iron

(b) Vitamin A

(c) Fluorine

(d) Iodine

20. In countries where polished rice is the main cereal in their diet, people suffer from

(a) Pellagra

(b) Beri-beri

(c) Scurvy

(d) Osteomalacia

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