Geography For State PSC Exams 2023 | Best Book for Exams Preparation

Geography For State PSC Exams 2023 | Best Book for Exams Preparation: Indian Geography for Civil Services Examination 2023: Geography is an important subject as far as the UPSC, State PSC civil services exam is concerned. It is a part of the prelims and mains exams. Geography is also an optional subject offered by the commission and as far as the numbers go, it is an immensely popular optional. Conceptual understanding of geography is crucial for scoring in both Prelims and Mains Exam 2023.

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Geography For State PSC Exams 2023

The most important source of Geography for exams preparation is NCERT Books. Aspirants should read geography from NCERT Books for State PSC to prepare for the prelims and mains exam 2023. Taking notes is an efficient way to organise the study material for revision. UPSC, State PSC candidates often find it difficult to find the right topics to focus on or may not have the time or resources at hand to take efficient notes. Now the most important question is how to approach such a vast portion. Geography is the most stable, but the vast portion in GS papers and can be easily prepared in relation with prelims 2023.

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Is NCERT book enough for IAS, PCS?

NCERT Books are a must to prepare for the UPSC, State PSC exam. For some candidates with very good grasp of the subjects in the syllabus of competitive exams, NCERT books are enough for clearing the IAS, State PSC exams 2023. However, to be able to clear the civil services exam with a very good rank, one must supplement their preparation with other books and study material such as Current Affairs Magazines.

You read the same NCERTs during prelims preparation; just remember the facts for prelims and answer some vital concept based questions in 200 words for mains practice.

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Is NCERT enough for prelims 2023?

NCERT books are a crucial resources to clear the UPSC, State PSC Prelims 2023. So it can be said that other sources are just as important as NCERT books are.

Is geography hard for UPSC, State PSC 2023?

The definite syllabus of Geography makes it easy for the candidates and encourages them to go for self-study for Geography optional. Geography is easy to understand and more scientific subject, that’s why it is preferred by many aspirants from science, medical and engineering backgrounds.

Indian Geography Notes for State PSC Exams 2023

  • Introduction
  • Physical Aspect
  • Drainage System
  • Climate
  • Lakes in India
  • Natural Vegetation
  • National Forest
  • Wildlife
  • Soil
  • Land Resources
  • Agriculture
  • Mineral Resources
  • Energy Resources
  • Cyclone
  • Industry
  • Major Crops in India
  • Transport
  • Communications
  • Settlement
  • Regional Development
  • Disasters
  • Delta
  • Earthquakes

Books for Geography

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