Mountain Peaks of Rajasthan

Peaks of Rajasthan

This Topic is Very Important for RAS/RTS Prelims and Mains Exam.

  • In Rajasthan, hills of Aravalli Range are an only mountain range in Rajasthan. The most of the highest mountain peaks are found in the hills Aravalli Range.
  • The Aravalli range is one of the oldest mountain range in the world. It is running across the Rajasthan state from South-West to North-East, bisecting the Rajasthan into two parts.
  • The highest peaks of the Aravalli range of Rajasthan are not pointed as young fold mountains. They have been eroded by the forces of nature like rain, wind and sunshine.
  • The highest peaks of Aravalli Range of Rajasthan are called as Guru Shikhar (1722 M), which is located in Mount Abu in Sirohi district of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is bisected by Aravalli (Aravali) range into two major parts: Southeast Rajasthan and Northwest Rajasthan. The northwest consists of a series of sand dunes covers nearly two-thirds of the area. Aravali range is approximately 692 Kms long, running across Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi.

Top Peaks of Aravali Hills in Rajasthan

Peak Name Height (meters) District
Guru Shikhar 1722 Mount Abu, Sirohi
Ser Peak 1597 Sirohi
Delwara 1442 Sirohi
Jarga 1431 Udaipur
Achalgarh 1380 Sirohi
Kumbhalgarh 1224 Rajsamand
Raghunathgarh 1055 Sikar
Hrishikesh 1017 Sirohi
Kamalnath 1001 Udaipur
Khoh 920 Jaipur
Taragarh 870 Ajmer
Bhairach 792 Alwar
Babai 780 Jhunjhunu
Baraith 704 Jaipur

The Aravalli’s in Rajasthan are divided into three main sections:

  1. North-Eastern Aravalli Range
  2. Central Aravalli Range
  3. Southern Aravalli Range

North-Eastern Aravalli Range

They are also called as Alwar hills.

  1. Stretches from Delhi to isolated hills of Alwar & Jaipur.
  2. Average elevation of 300-670 meters.
  3. To North & East it merges with Ganga-Yamuna Plains.

Hill Ranges

  • Malkhet & Khetri Group of hills
  • Torawati Hills

Peaks of North-Eastern Aravalli Region:

Raghunathgarh (Sikar) – 1055 meters  
Khoh (Jaipur) – 920 meters  
Bhairach (Alwar) – 792 meters  
Barwara (Jaipur) – 786 meters  
Babai (Jhunjhunu) – 780 meters  
Bilali (Alwar) – 775 meters  
Manoharpur (Jaipur) – 747 meters  
Baraith (Jaipur) – 704 meters  
Sariska (Alwar) – 677 meters  
Siravas – 651 meters

Central Aravali Range:

Includes districts of Ajmer, south-western Tonk and Jaipur Surrounded on:-

  1. North by – Alwar Hills
  2. East by Karauli table-land
  3. South by Banas plains
  4. West by Sambhar basin

Hill ranges

  • Shekhawati lower hills
  • Marwar Hills

Peaks of Central Aravalli Region

  • Goramji (Ajmer) – 934 meters
  • Taragarh (Ajmer) – 870 meters
  • Naag Pahar (Ajmer) -795 meters

Southern Aravali Range-

-Includes district of Udaipur, South-eastern margin of Pali & Dungarpur districts

Hill ranges of Southern Aravali

  1. Mewar hills & Bhorat Plateau
  2. Girwa Hills
  3. Merwara Hills
  4. Abu block & Oria plateau

Peaks of Southern Aravali Range

Guru Shikhar (Sirohi) – 1722 meters  
Ser (Sirohi) – 1597 meters  
Dilwara (Sirohi) – 1442 meters  
Jarga (Sirohi) – 1431 meters
Achalgarh (Sirohi) – 1380 M  
Kumbhalgarh (Rajsamand) – 1224 meters  
Dhoniya – 1183 meters  
Hrishikesh – 1017 meters  
Kamalnath (Udaipur) – 1001 meters  
Sajjangarh (Udaipur) – 938 meters  
Lilagarh – 874 meters

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