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Geography of Rajasthan Study Notes with practice MCQ

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I am presenting the Geography of Rajasthan book for the students of Graduate and the candidates appearing in Rajasthan Competitive Examinations conducted by RPSC and Rajasthan Subordinate Board, Universities and Government Departments.

This book deals with the relevant features and topics of geographical landscape of Rajasthan in a systematic and comprehensive manner. Varied topics covered are Physiography, climate, soil, livestock, minerals, Agriculture, transportation, Census, forest, drainage and other important topics by latest available data/diagrams. I have tried to avoid mistakes, if there is any minute mistakes in it please comment and that will help to improve the book when a revised edition comes out. It is honest hope that this book will prove useful for Aspirants.

Best wishes!!

Er. R.P.Meena


Content                                                 Pages

  1. Introduction of Rajasthan                                             3-10
  2. Geology of Rajasthan                                                    11-47  
  3. Disaster Management                                                   48-53
  4. Physical divisions                                                          54-73
  5. Mountain Peaks                                                             74-78
  6. Climate of Rajasthan                                                     79-103
  7. Drainage/River  System                                               104-125
  8. Lakes in Rajasthan                                                         126-132
  9. National Parks                                                                133-143
  10. Wildlife Sanctuary                                                         144-146
  11. Soils of Rajasthan                                                           147-159
  12. Irrigation Development                                                 160-172
  13. Agriculture                                                                     173-183
  14. Minerals and Mines                                                       184-213
  15. Rajasthan Basin(Hydrocarbon)                                   214-220
  16. Livestock of Rajasthan                                                  221-233
  17. Classification of forest                                                   234-235
  18. Natural Vegetation                                                        236-238
  19. Transportation in Rajasthan                                         239-256
  20. Tribes of Rajasthan                                                         257-267
  21. Population-2011                                                            268-308
  22. Practice Solved Questions                                             309-379

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