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Ancient, Medieval and Modern History of Rajasthan Study Notes with Practice Solved MCQ for RPSC, RAS/RTS Prelims,Mains, RSMSSB, Lecturer, SI and University Exams. RPSC RAS Rajasthan History

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  • Ancient Civilizations of Rajasthan
  • Practice MCQ
  • Stone Age
  • Paleolithic-Old Stone Age in Rajasthan
  • Mesolithic sites in Rajasthan
  • Neolithic Age in Rajasthan
  • Practice MCQ
  • Kalibangan Civilizations
  • Ahar-Banas Culture
  • Chalcolithic Phase
  • OCP Culture of Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan during Vedic Period
  • Iron Age in Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan during Mahajanapads
  • Practice MCQ
  • Rajasthan after Alexander Invasion
  • Foreign origin theory of Rajputs
  • Pratiharas of Bhinmal
  • The Chauhan Dynasty
  • The Kingdom of Mewar
  • Guhils of Chittorgarh
  • Battle of Rajasthan
  • Mauryan Period
  • Post Mauryan Period
  • Practice MCQ
  • Gupta Period
  • Post Gupta Period
  • Praja Mandal Movement
  • Modern History of Rajasthan (1707-1964)
  • Princely State
  • Revolt of Rajasthan 1857
  • Practice MCQ
  • Peasant & Tribal Movement
  • Some Famous Peasant Movement
  • Some famous Tribal movements
  • Terms Related to Land Revenue System in Rajasthan
  • Land rights in Khalsa system
  • Practice MCQ
  • Land rights in Jagir system
  • Famous Freedom Fighter of Rajasthan                     
  •  Gurjar-Pratihar of Bhinmal
  • Guhil Dynasty of Mewar
  • Sisodiya Dynasty of Mewar
  • Practice MCQ
  • Rathod Dynasty of Marwar
  • Kachwaha of Amber
  • Chauhan Dynasty
  • Chauhan of Jalore
  • Hada Chauhan of Bundi
  • Practice MCQ
  • Hada Chauhan of Kota
  • Parmar of Abu
  • Practice MCQ

Sample Topics:

The Ochre Colored Pottery or OCP culture

Ahar – Banas Culture

Ancient Civilizations of Rajasthan

Archaeological Sites in Rajasthan

Gupta Period: Ancient History of Rajasthan

Mauryan Period: Ancient History of Rajasthan

Mahajanapadas of Rajasthan: Ancient History of Rajasthan

Stone Age: Ancient History of Rajasthan