Important and Authentic website for UPSC CSE (IAS) Exam Preparation

Are you looking for the best online websites for IAS? Here is a list of top important and authentic websites useful for UPSC CSE (IAS) Prelims, Mains and interview preparation.

We present a comprehensive list of very useful websites for UPSC IAS Preparation covering almost all aspects in Civil Services Exam (CSE) preparation – Prelims, Mains and Interview.

Important and authentic website for UPSC CSE (IAS) Exam Preparation

Access to reliable and best study material is the most important factor for an aspirant preparing for Civil Services. To help the young aspirants, MYUPSC presents a comprehensive list of all important and reliable websites required for UPSC Preparation.

Important website for UPSC CSE (IAS)

 Focus AreaOrganisation Link
1Annual Reports (Social)
2Population Policy (Socio-Economic Issues)
3Science &
4Science &
5Science &
6Reports and updates (Environment & Forestry)
7Reports and updates (International Relations)
8Annual Report and news (Governance, Security & Polity)
10Annual Report and news (Social Issues)
11Recent updates in Culture
12All reports, policies, economics fundamentals (Economy)
13Constitution, Supreme Court judgment (Polity)
14Laws, Bills, Analysis and summary (Polity)
15PPP policies and reports (Economy)
16Statistical Data (Economy)
20Newspapers Collection (Current Affairs)
21IGNOU downloads : Governance, PRI, Social Issues &
23Governance, GS (Ethics Paper) and
25Environment n
27Security Related
28Governance &
30Issues of International

Best IAS Online Websites for UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation

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