Important Articles from The Hindu Newspaper September 14, 2020

The significance of reading newspaper for IAS Exam has increased tremendously in past few years. Out of the many newspapers available in the market for UPSC Preparation, The Hindu stands out with its enormous and effective coverage of crucial issues. Time and now, many coaching institutes or even students have tried to substitute newspaper reading with some local study material, but it all lands down on the fact that there is no real substitute for standard sources be it a book or a national newspaper like the Hindu.

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World / International

Important News



GS2: Governance

GS3: Economy

GS3: Cybersecurity

  • What Data they collect, why cause for concern (IE) Early this month, the Chinese-only website of Zhenhua Data Information Technology Co, the company monitoring foreign targets, was pulled down soon after The Indian Express approached it for comments. What kind of data has it collected on the targets, what does it mean when it says it’s engaged in hybrid warfare, what’s the cause for concern?

GS3: Infrastructure

GS2: International Relations

  • Spectres of a violent past(IE) The Twentieth Amendment Bill proposes the re-introduction of complete presidential immunity, which would prevent the Supreme Court even considering whether the President’s act amounts to a violation of the Constitution. This will allow the President to do as he pleases and will make the President unanswerable to any other arm of government.

PIB Corner

  • Films Division to stream films on Rajbhasha on ‘Hindi Diwas -2020’ Streaming of well-researched documentaries leading to the historic occasion of adoption of Hindi as an official language of the Union of India on 14th September, 1949, mock enactment of the meeting of the Constituent Assembly by children and travelogues showing growth and popularity of Hindi in different States will mark the celebration of ‘Hindi Diwas’ by Films Division on 14th September, 2020.
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