Important Articles from The Indian Express for UPSC Civil Services Exam

The significance of reading newspaper for IAS Exam has increased tremendously in past few years. Out of the many newspapers available in the market for UPSC Preparation, The Hindu stands out with its enormous and effective coverage of crucial issues. Time and now, many coaching institutes or even students have tried to substitute newspaper reading with some local study material, but it all lands down on the fact that there is no real substitute for standard sources be it a book or a national newspaper like the Hindu.

What you will gain while reading the first-hand news in the Hindu can never be replaced or even enhanced by any sources. So, try to be focused and loyal to the Hindu. It has proved to a game changer for many toppers and the same can be achieved by you.

One more vital know how is to identify where to focus within special editions and how to utilise it in coherence with the IAS preparation. Here, we have provided a table with all the sections to focus on while going through special edition sections and also how it will help you enhance your notes.

September 2020

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