(Free Notes)Important Lakes on the Earth

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Important Lakes – Caspian Sea, Dead Sea, Lake Baikal, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Titicaca, Lake Victoria, Lake Superior, Great Lakes, Aral Sea, African Great Lakes etc.

Lake Baikal – Deepest Lake

  • Located in Siberia, Russia.
  • The deepest lake in the world[1,637 metres deep]
  • It is the world’s largest lake by volume.
  • It is the second longest.

Lake Tanganyika – Longest Lake

  • The longest lake in the world. [660 kilometers long]
  • It is also the second largest by volume.
  • It is the second deepest lake in the world, after Lake Baikal.

World’s Highest and Lowest Lakes

  • The world’s highest lake, if size is not a criterion, may be the crater lake of Ojos del Salado, at 6,390 metres. It is in Andes.
  • The highest large lake in the world is the Pumoyong Tso (Pumoyong Tso), in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. [5,018 metres above sea level]
  • The world’s highest commercially navigable lakeis Lake Titicaca in Peru and Bolivia border at 3,812 m. It is also the largest lake in South America.
  • The world’s lowest lake is the Dead Sea, bordering Israel and Jordan at 418 metres below sea level. It is also one of the lakes with highest salt concentration.

The Largest Lakes (surface area) by Continent

  • Australia – Lake Eyre(salt lake)
  • Africa – Lake Victoria, also the third-largest freshwater lake on Earth. It is one of the Great Lakes of Africa.
  • Antarctica – Lake Vostok(sub-glacial)
  • Asia – Lake Baikal(if the Caspian Sea is considered a lake, it is the largest in Eurasia, but is divided between the two geographic continents)
  • Europe – Lake Ladoga, followed by Lake Onega, both located in northwestern Russia.
  • North America – Lake Superior.

South America – Lake Titicaca, which is also the highest navigable body of water on Earth at 3,812 metres above sea level. The much larger Lake Maracaibo is a contiguous body of water with the sea, so it is ignored.

Great Lakes


  • Great Lakes of North America are a series of interconnected freshwater lakes which connect to the Atlantic Ocean through the Saint Lawrence Seaway.
  • Consisting of Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario[in the order of west to east]. Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie, and Ontario [In the order of largest to smallest].
  • Lake Superior is the largest continental lake in the world by area, and Lake Michigan is the largest lake that is entirely within one country.

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