India Year Book 2022 Pdf Download English & Hindi | Yearbook Release Date

India Year Book 2022 Pdf Download English & Hindi Released: India year book 2022 Pdf in English & Hindi for UPSC, State PSC and other competitive exams 2022-2023 preparation. India year book 2022 is available now for UPSC Prelims 2022 exam. India year book is one of the most important book for Civil services preparation, we know this is a bulky book and we need to read to this book . but main thing is do we really need to read full book?. No we do not need to read the full book. before start reading India year book read our this post full and you will get idea about how to read India Yearbook 2022 .

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India year book 2022 Pdf download English & Hindi for UPSC | release date ‘India 2022 yearbook’ – download without water mark e book from here. India year book 2022 Pdf in English & Hindi for UPSC 2022 exam is in Pdf format . we will provide download links of both books in coming times.

All Chapters Of India year Book 2022 | Latest Edition For UPSC CSE 2022

Chapters in India Year Book
Chapter 1Land and the People
Chapter 2National Symbols
Chapter 3Polity
Chapter 4Agriculture
Chapter 5Culture and Tourism
Chapter 6Basic Economic Data
Chapter 7Commerce
Chapter 8Communications and Information Technology
Chapter 9Defence India
Chapter 10Education In India
Chapter 11Energy Need Of India
Chapter 12Environment
Chapter 13Finance
Chapter 14Corporate Affairs
Chapter 15Food and Civil Supplies
Chapter 16Health and Family Welfare
Chapter 17Housing
Chapter 18India and the World
Chapter 19Industry
Chapter 20Law and Justice
Chapter 21Labour, Skill Development and Employment
Chapter 22Mass Communication
Chapter 23Planning
Chapter 24Rural and Urban Development
Chapter 25Scientific and Technological Developments
Chapter 26Transport
Chapter 27Water Resources
Chapter 28Welfare
Chapter 29Youth Affairs and Sports
Chapter 30States and Union Territories
Chapter 31Diary of National Events
Chapter 32General Information

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Current Affairs India Yearbook 2022 – Download

Most Important Chapters In India Year Book | IYB 2022

  1. Land and the People
  2. National Symbols
  3. Polity — Comments: Focus more on Laxmikanth —
  4. Agriculture
  5. Culture and Tourism
  6. Basic Economic Data
  7. Defence 
  8. Education
  9. Energy 
  10. Environment
  11. Health And Family Welfare
  12. India and The World 
  13. Planning
  14. Rural and Urban Development
  15. Scientific and Technological Developments
  16. Welfare
  17. Youth Affairs and Sports
  18. States and Union Territories

Current Affairs Year Book 2022: General Science & Technology

Current Affairs Year Book 2022: Polity

Current Affairs Year Book 2022: Economy

Current Affairs Year Book 2022: Geography

Current Affairs Year Book 2022: Environment & Ecology

Current Affairs Year Book 2022: Art And Culture

Current Affairs Year Book 2022: Government Programmes And Schemes

Second – Most important Chapters in India year book 2022

  1. Commerce
  2. Communication and Information Technology
  3. Finance 
  4. Industry
  5. Justice and Law & Order
  6. Diary of National Importance 
  7. General Information

Least Important Chapters in India year book 2022

  1. Corporate Affairs
  2. Food and Civil Supplies
  3. Housing
  4. Labour
  5. Mass Communication 
  6. Transport 
  7. Water Resources

India year book 2022 Released Date | IYB 2022 Release Date

  • Still There Is No Release Date Of India year Book Available But It Will be Release In February Or March .
  • We Will Update This Post When We Get Release Date Of India Year Book

India year Book Summary Pdf

  • MYUPSC.COM will provide India year book  Summary in Both Hindi and English version .
  • you can Download summary of India year book from Here .

India year book 2022 Telugu Pdf free

  • We Will Share India year book Telugu Version Also . Link Will Be Available Shortly.
  • India year Book In Other Language Is Also Available .

How to read India year Book 2022

  • India Year Book is a Govt.of India publication which is a comprehensive digest of India’s progress in different fields. The books contains a large amount of Data,facts,analysis which total close to 1000 pages.
  • Most questions in Civil service exams are based on the book.
  • It will be  highly generous if someone can give an advice to cover it with maximum efficiency.
  • I Am Not an Expert of UPSC But I have Some Knowledge About What type of questions Are Asked from India year book and What Could be Expected from this Book .
  • This book Is very important For UPSC You all Know .
  • India year book is a Bulky Book .
  • You can Not Read whole book from Page 1 to Last Page .
  • You Need to prepare a Strategy to cover All important topics Effectively

Do Not Read Book From Chapter 1 to Last . Go Topic Wise

  • The Biggest Mistake Made By the Students is Reading books In Linear Fashion ( 1,2,3,4,5,—– Last Appendix.) Do Not Do this .
  • This is Bad technique to Read any book .This Whole process Is time Consuming .
  • In The above mind map I have Provided you How to read India year book according to topics .
  • This process will be Easy and You will Be Able to understand All chapters Easily and Can Co relate .
  • In this process you will Find Some Information and Data Overlapping .
  • To read This book you should divide this Book In Sections .
  • After that Select All Chapters of That section .
  • Now Start reading These topics .
  • India year Book is A Bulky Book .

Organizations ,Govt Schemes Important But Not Their location , Evolution , etc

  • In this you will Read So Many organizations .
  • Some of them are Important for Exam point of View And Rest are junk.
  • When you read any organization do Not Focus on evolution of Organization . Just try to Remember Main Roles and Objectives of that organization , agency for Which That was Established.
  • For Government policies and Schemes , Projects , Funds etc you should prepare a separate notebook .
  • Whenever you read any project /scheme/policy/funds etc always google it or Visit PIB.NIC.In.

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