Indian History NCERT Notes Class 6-12 (Old+New)

To crack the Civil Services exams, the aspirants must firm their grip on the NCERT topics, as it builds the foundation for the exam. Step up your preparation with the all-new “NCERT Notes Series”, specifically designed for Civil Services exams. The book covers the entire concept of the Indian History NCERT books from class 9 th to 12th (old+new). Giving clarity to the theoretical concepts in note format serves as a complete study guide, which will help the aspirants prove a clear pathway for the preparation.

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The most important sources of History are NCERT Books. Aspirants should read History from NCERT Books for UPSC, State PSCs Prelims and mains exam preparation. Taking notes is an efficient way to organise your study material for revision. Though taking notes is advisable, Civil Services Candidates often find it difficult to find the right topics to focus on or may not have the time or resources at hand to take efficient notes. With this in mind, we at MYUPSC have developed NCERT Notes for UPSC, State PSC and all other competitive exams. This page compiles one of the best and most of the important NCERT Notes for Indian History for ease of use by aspirants.

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Indian History NCERT Notes

NCERT books are an essential part of UPSC and State PSC Civil services exams preparation. However, because of the comprehensive syllabus, IAS aspirants should also refer to NCERT notes with NCERT MCQs book and keep tabs on the current affairs of at least the past 12-15 months.These NCERT notes are prepared by the subject-matter experts and are recommended for UPSC State PSC Prelims, Mains and other competitive exams 2023.

This book features:

1. Complete coverage of NCERT books in notes format

2. Clear marking of NCERT sources in each chapter of the book

3. Coverage of all important tables, charts, etc.

4. Exam focused last-minute revision topics in Appendix

5. Chapterwise presentation of topics

6. Highly useful for UPSC, State PSCs, and other competitive exams

Indian History NCERT Notes Class 6-12 (Old+New)Demo

Indian History NCERT Notes Class 6-12 (Old+New) – Pdf download

About Book:

Book NameIndian History NCERT Notes Class 6-12 (Old+New)
Author‏Rajendra Prasad
Total pages236
Useful forUPSC, State PSC Civil services & Board Exams
Product typeebook
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