Indian Polity for Civil Services Examination

Indian Polity for Civil Services Examination: The Complete Study Material on the “Indian Polity Governance” is designed to help the aspirants of competitive exams like UPSC/PCS/SSC/CDS and others. This material contains; Fundamental Rights Fundamental Duties, Parliament Indian Judiciary, Union State Executive Constitutional Non-Constitutional bodies etc.

Indian Polity always occupies a place in almost all the competitive exams held in India. So to fill up the requirement of the aspirants of different competitive exams like IAS/PCS/SSC/NDA.CTET/UPTET etc. we have created a comprehensive study material on the “Indian Polity & Governance”.

Indian Polity for Civil Services Examination: The entire study material is divided into major section like; Indian Constitution, Fundamental rights & Fundamental Duties, Parliament & Indian Judiciary, Union & State Executive & Constitutional & Non-Constitutional bodies etc. All these section covers all the important topics from the Subject in the form of Study notes.

Indian Polity for Civil Services Examination

Useful for UPSC CSE/IAS Prelims and State PSC Prelims Examination

Topic Covered:

1. Preamble of the Constitution

2. Constitutional development

3. Constituent Assembley

4. Union and its Territory.

5. Citizenship.

6. Fundamental Rights.

7. Directive Principles of State Policy.

8. Fundamental Duties.

9. President.

10. Vice-president.

11. Prime Minister, CoM and Attorney General.

12. Parliament.

13. Supreme Court.

14. Governor.

15. Chief Minister and CoM

16. State Legislature.

17. Executive

18. President of India – Discretionary Powers

19. Sessions of Parliament: Adjournment, Prorogation, Dissolution etc.

20. Election to Rajya Sabha

21. Judiciary

22. Centre-State Relations

23. Inter-State Council vs National Development Council

24. NITI Aayog: The new ‘think-tank’ to replace Planning Commission.

25. Local Self Government. Indian polity IAS Prelims

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Indian Polity & Governance: Complete Study Material

1. Indian Constitution: An overview

1.1 The making of the Constitution of India

1.2 The Acts passed before constitution

1.3 The Acts passed before the Formation of Indian Constitution

1.4 Preamble of the Constitution

1.5 Making of the constituent assembly

1.6 The Constituent Assembly of India

1.7 Basic Structure (Doctrine) of the Constitution

1.8 Features of the Indian Constitution

1.9 Indian Constitution: Important Amendments at a Glance

1.10 Constitution of India: features taken from other countries

1.11 Parliamentary System in India

1.12 Citizenship

1.13 Directive Principles of State Policy

1.14 Special Provisions relating to certain Classes

1.15 Official Language in Indian Constitution

1.16 Pressure Groups in India

1.17 Political Parties in India

1.18 Elections in India

1.19 Authoritative Text of the Constitution in Hindi Language

1.20 Special Status to the Other Indian States

1.21 Special Status of the Jammu and Kashmir

1.22 Schedules in the Constitution of India

1.23 Scheduled and Tribal Areas in India

1.24 Rights and liabilities of the Government

1.25 The Representation of People Act, 1951

1.26 Co-operative Societies

1.27 Emergency Provisions in Indian Constitution

1.28 Electoral Reforms in India

1.29 Panchayati Raj Systems in India

1.30 List of Important Articles of the Indian Constitution

2. Fundamental Rights & Fundamental Duties

2.1 Fundamental Rights

2.2 Writs and their Scope

2.3 Fundamental Duties of the Citizens of India

3. Parliament & Indian Judiciary

3.1 Parliament of India

3.2 Parliamentary Committees

3.3 Parliamentary Forums

3.4 Budget in Parliament

3.5 Grants and Funds in Indian Budget

3.6 Amendment of the Constitution

3.7 Bills and Passing of an Act

3.8 Anti-Defection Law

3.9 Supreme Court of India

3.10 High Courts in India

3.11 Subordinate Courts in India

3.12 Central Administrative Tribunal

3.13 Judicial Review and Judicial Activism

4. Union & State Executive

4.1 Office of the President of India: Instructions to electors 

4.2 List of Vice-Presidents in India and their Term of Office

4.3 Presidential Elections in India 2012: Control Room

4.4 Presidential Elections 2012: Returning and Assistant returning officers

4.5 Presidential Elections of India 2012: Detailed Polling Report

4.6 Presidential Elections in India 2012: Pranab Mukherjee Oath Ceremony

4.7 Presidential Elections in India 2012: value of votes

4.8 Presidential Elections in India 2012: Scrutinized Nominations

4.9 Presidential Elections in India 2012: Counting of Votes

4.10 Presidential Elections in India 2012: Result Sheet

4.11 Presidential Elections in India 2012: Results

4.12 The Dome of Rashtrapati Bhavan: The official home of the President of India

4.13 Rashtrapati Bhavan : Mughal Gardens

4.14 Rashtrapati Bhavan : Raisina Hills

4.15 The Design of Rashtrapati Bhavan : The official home of the President of India

4.16 The Plan of Rashtrapati Bhavan: The official home of the President of India

4.17 The history of Rashtrapati Bhavan: The official home of the President of India

4.18 Number of votes of each elector at the Presidential Election, 2012

4.19 Office of the President of India: Instructions to electors

4.20 14th Vice Presidential Elections in India

4.21 List of Vice-Presidents in India and their Term of Office

4.22 Prime Minister of India

4.23 Prime Minister’s Office of India

4.24 PMO and Cabinet Secretary

4.25 Cabinet Committees

4.26 Union-State Relations / Centre-State Relations

4.27 Governor in Indian Constitution

4.28 Chief Minister in India

4.29 District Collector/Magistrate in India

4.30 The Union

4.31 State

4.32 Union Territories

5. Constitutional & Non-Constitutional Bodies

5.1 Election Commission of India

5.2 Union Public Service Commission

5.3 State Public Service Commission

5.4 National Finance Commission

5.5 State Finance Commission

5.6 National Commission for Scheduled Castes

5.7 National Commission for Scheduled Tribes

5.8 Special Officer for Linguistic Minorities

5.9 Comptroller and Auditor General of India

5.10 Attorney General of India

5.11 Advocate General of the State

5.12 Planning Commission of India

5.13 National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog

5.14 Planning Commission and NITI Aayog

5.15 National Development Council

5.16 National Human Rights Commission

5.17 State Human Rights Commission

5.18 Central Information Commission

5.19 State Information Commission

5.20 Central Vigilance Commission

5.21 Central Bureau of Investigation

5.22 Lokpal and Lokayukta in Indian Constitution

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