Israel successfully test fires advanced Missile Defence System

On august 13, 2020, Israel successfully tested the advanced missile defence system Arrow-2. The missile was developed to defend against the short- and mid- range rockets that are fired from Lebanon and Gaza and also long-range missiles fired from Iran.


In 2019, USA and Israel jointly test fired Arrow-3 successfully in Alaska. This system was developed by Israel Aerospace Industries and US Aviation giant Boeing. It became operational in 2017.

On the other hand, Arrow-2 was recently deployed ti counter Syrian missiles.

India and Arrow Missiles

The Arrow Missiles were developed under complete support of USA. Apart from Israel, no country has purchased the complete Arrow system from the US. The Indian Government had sought to purchase Arrow missiles from Israel in 1999. However, the United States vetoed the request citing MTCR (Missile Technology Control Regime).

Missile Technology Control Regime

It is a multilateral Export Control Regime. India is also a part of the regime. It was formed in 1987 by G7 industrialised countries. It limits the risks of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. It mainly focuses on rockets and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Israel-Lebanon Conflict

The conflict involves a series of military clashes between Israel, Syria and Lebanon. It also involves various militias acting from within Lebanon. The conflicts peaked during the Lebanese Civil war. The 2006 Lebanon War was fought between Israel and Hezobollah. The conflict started when the Hezoballah fighters fired rockets in the Israeli border.

Israel-Gaza Conflicts

It is a part of the Israeli-Palestine conflicts. The conflict began after the Islamist political party Hamas won the election and Fatah lost in the Palestine elections in 2005-06. This escalated the split of Palestinian Authority into West Bank under Fatah Government and Gaza under Hamas. After the elections, the Palestinian militia attacked Israel from Gaza. Israel on the other hand joined with Egypt and declared blockade on Gaza.

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