Jammu and Kashmir after Article 370 Revoked


  1. Pakistan Prime minister Imran Khan – Tour of USA July 21, 2019
  2. Imran Khan Reached USA July 22, 2019
  3. Pakistan PM and USA President Donald Trumph Press Conference
  4. Pakistani Prime Minister request president Trumph to mediate between India and Pakistan on Jammu & Kashmir issue
  5. President Trumph said it will be good if I do so and he also said Indian prime minister offered me to mediate, but after this statement Indian govt release official statement and denied that Indian PM never said anyone to mediate and we are clear that it’s our internal matter.
  6. Indian govt take it serious and increase the security forces in Jammu and Kashmir for precautionary measures.
  7. Govt has put IAF and Army on high alert in Kashmir in last week of July-2019
  8. Govt sent additional 10,000 security forces in J&K on Last week of July-2019
  9. Govt sent additional 28,000 security forces in J&K on August 02, 2019

The government revoked Article – 370 on August 5, 2019 (Monday) the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and took steps to change how the region will be governed, a decision that has Ramifications for the state’s people, the country’s politics and relationship with Pakistan

Till now, J&K had a unique position among Indian states – it had its own Constitution and only a handful of laws that apply to other states were valid. The legal provision that gave it this unique position was Article 370 of the Constitution, which the government effectively abolished by changing some of its aspect and cancelling out some others through an order.
All of these privileges will now be at par with UTs. The Centre moved a draft law for parliament’s approval to turn J&K into one UT and Ladakh as another.

The Narendra Modi government’s move to scrap Article 370 and Article 35A that conferred special status to Jammu and Kashmir has likely put an end to ‘conflict entrepreneurship’ in the Valley — one of the most lucrative political ventures that for decades served the cause of a few elite political dynasties in the Valley and New Delhi.


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