Menstrual Hygiene Management National Guidelines, 2015

Part of: GS Mains II and III – Children/Women welfare; Health/Social issue 


  • National Guidelines on Menstrual Hygiene Management was released by the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation in 2015 
  • It seeks to address every component of menstrual hygiene ranging from, raising awareness, addressing behaviour change, creating a demand for better hygiene products, capacity building of frontline community cadre, sensitization of key stakeholders, convergence needed for effective outreach and intervention, creation of WASH facilities including safe disposal options, etc. 

Measures needed 

  • The Guidelines should recognise sanitary napkins as an essential commodity, and to add it to the schedule of the Essential Commodity Act. 
  • Maharashtra’s Rural Development department had initiated ASMITA scheme – to ensure that women and young adolescent girls in rural areas have access to quality and affordable sanitary napkins through a network of women SHGs. (Such schemes need effective implementation) 
  • Vending machines for sanitary napkins should be set up across schools, colleges and other locations. 

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