Most Important UPSC IAS topics for Civil Services Exam 2021

Most Important UPSC IAS topics for UPSC Exam 2021 (Most Important UPSC IAS Topics UPSC CSE Prelims & Mains Exam 2021). The IAS preparation is the interplay of important topics for UPSC Syllabus. Important topics for the UPSC 2021 prelims and IAS main 2021 exam., Most Important UPSC IAS topics for Civil Services Exam 2021

IAS exam is all about the important topics which need to be prepared by the IAS aspirants. The candidates must develop the skill to understand and observe any current event of national and international importance from a lens of UPSC syllabus and relevance for the IAS exam. Special emphasis should be given to filter out the irrelevant events and happenings which are not important for the IAS exam. This skill can only be developed by analysing the IAS question papers of the prelims exam and main exam.

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  1. ‘Government exploring setting up bad bank, all other options’
  2. ‘World’s ugliest Orchid’
  3. ‘The India State-Level Disease Burden Initiative’
  4. ‘New strain of COVID-19 ‘out of control’’
  5. ‘Agriculture Cost of Production’
  6. ‘Shigella infection’
  7. ‘Tso Kar Wetland Complex’
  8. ‘L&T Construction 3D prints India’s first building with reinforcement’
  9. ‘Indoor pollution is as deadly as its outdoor counterpart’
  10. ‘Right of the people to the Sentinel island is non-negotiable: AnSI’
  11. ‘Kerala: Forked Fanwort blooms in Kozhikode’
  12. ‘Char Dham project responsible for landslide in Uttarakhand?’
  13. ‘Air pollution factor in girl’s death’
  14. ‘Coal here to stay, but measures can cut down emissions by 22%’
  15. India Slips to 131 in Human Development Index Ranking’
  16. ‘India slips 17 spots down to 111th rank’
  17. ‘US puts India back on Currency Manipulation Watchlist’
  18. ‘Gender violence drops, but prevalence remains high in bigger states: NFHS-5’
  19. ‘50th anniversary of 1971 India-Pakistan war’
  20. ‘Geminids Meteor Shower’
  21. ‘Submarine Optical Fibre Cable connectivity between Kochi and Lakshadweep Islands’
  22. ‘UN commission reclassifies cannabis, no longer considered risky narcotic’
  23. ‘Technical Specifications of Floating Structures’
  24. ‘Eluru Mystry Disease’
  25. ‘New height of Mount Everest 8,848.86 metres: Nepal, China joint survey’
  26. ‘US designates Pakistan, China as countries of particular concern for violation of religious freedom’
  27. ‘Worldwide legal wildlife trade increased by 200%’
  28. ‘New Parliament Building’
  29. ‘DRDO achieves milestone in key quantum technology’
  30. ‘Submarine Optical Fibre Cable connectivity between Kochi and Lakshadweep Islands’
  31. ‘Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior, Orchha on UNESCO World Heritage Cities List’
  32. ‘Apex Committee for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement (AIPA)’
  33. Environment
  34. ‘India-Vietnam Trade and Investment Relations’
  35. International Relations
  36. ‘Idol of Devi Annapurna to be returned by Canada’
  37. ‘Scented products add to air pollution’
  38. ‘HAL delivers biggest cryogenic propellant tank to ISRO’
  39. ‘World Malaria Report 2020’
  40. ‘AI & Robotics Technologies Park (ARTPARK) set up in Bengaluru’
  41. ‘Can Non Resident Indians (NRIs) cast their vote in India?’
  42. ‘Lucknow Municipal Corporation bonds list on BSE’
  43. ‘IFSCA obtains Membership of International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS)’
  44. ‘IRNSS now part of World Wide Radio Navigation System’
  45. ‘Desalination Plants’
  46. ‘China Launches Chang’e-5 Moon Probe to Bring Back Lunar Rocks’
  47. ‘India to Launch Deep Sea Mission’
  48. ‘UMANG’s international version launched’
  49. ‘Land inequality threatens livelihood of 2.5 bln: Report’
  50. ‘Deficient Northeast Monsoon’
  51. ‘Pilibhit Tiger Reserve Gets Global Award for Doubling Tiger Population’
  52. ‘Copernicus Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite’
  53. ‘Glistening ‘blue tide’ along Mumbai’
  54. ‘2 More Wetlands in India added to list of ‘Recognised Sites’ under Ramsar Convention’
  55. ‘Ariel Space Mission’
  56. ‘Tristan da Cunha, declared the largest fully protected marine reserve’
  57. ‘APEC agree on free trade’
  58. ‘India-Luxembourg’s first summit in two decades’
  59. ‘Karnataka to soon declassify forest’
  60. ‘Iran Says It will ‘automatically’ Fulfill Nuclear Commitments If US Lifts Sanctions’
  61. Create Mechanism to Address Grievances Against Fake News: SC to Centre’
  62. ‘WHO commits to eliminate cervical cancer globally’
  63. ‘Mizoram Bru refugees demand immediate implementation of settlement pact’
  64. ‘Regional Cluster concept of economic development ’
  65. ‘Indian astronomers collaborated with Nobel laureate on Thirty Meter Telescope project’
  66. ‘EOS-01, India’s latest earth observation satellite ’
  67. ‘Need action to avert Measles and Polio epidemics ’
  68. ‘Fortification of edible oil with Vitamins A and D’
  69. ‘Food Coalition: FAO’
  70. ‘How Ethiopia Reached the Brink of Civil War’
  71. ‘Lessons from the Bangladesh and Vietnam’s Growth Story’
  72. ‘Peace deal between Armenia and Azerbaijan’
  73. ‘Why did ‘cyclones’ give October a miss?’
  74. ‘Fast radio bursts detected in the Milky Way for the first time’
  75. ‘On People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration’
  76. ‘WWF identifies 100 cities, including 30 in India, facing ‘severe water risk’ by 2050’
  77. ‘Three-Judge Panel of Madras HC Questions Validity of Special Courts To Try MPs, MLAs’
  78. ‘After Punjab, now Rajasthan introduces bills to negate impact of Centre’s farm laws’
  79. ‘A secure future for platform workers’
  80. ‘The Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) ’
  81. ‘How the US counts its votes in the presidential election’
  82. ‘More than 100 beached whales saved off Sri Lanka’
  83. ‘The Miyas of Assam, and their char-chapori culture’
  84. ‘’Life in Miniature’ Project launched’
  85. ‘Base year for Consumer Price Index-IW revised from 2001 to 2016’
  86. ‘India-Nepal Border Dispute’
  87. ‘First-of-its-kind flash flood warning system for South Asian countries launched’
  88. ‘World Polio Day 2020, where does India stand?’
  89. ‘The plasma therapy debate’
  90. ‘India gets chairmanship of International Labour Organisation’s governing body’
  91. ‘Project Lion could displace Maldharis within Gir to create ‘leonine Eden’
  92. ‘The US ‘State Sponsor of Terrorism’ list’
  93. ‘Arctic Ice fails to refreeze by late October, setting a new record’
  94. ‘Hyderabad rainiest place in India’
  95. ‘Pakistan, China re-elected to UNHRC’
  96. ‘China Passes Export Law To Protect National Security, Technology’
  97. ‘India’s first seaplane service to begin 31 Oct’
  98. ‘Global Hunger Index 2020’
  99. ‘Israel and Bahrain establish formal diplomatic relations’
  100. ‘Zoological Survey of India lists 62 species of skinks’
  101. ‘IFSCA releases framework for regulatory sandbox’
  102. ‘Aldabra’s coral reefs recovered faster from bleaching, finds new research’
  103. ‘Conservation of the world’s seagrasses’
  104. ‘15th anniversary of the RTI Act’
  105. ‘Launch of physical distribution of property cards under SVAMITVA Scheme’
  106. ‘Eight Beaches awarded the Blue Flag Certification’
  107. ‘FATF’s keeps Pakistan on ‘Enhanced Follow-up List’’
  108. ‘China backs Iran nuclear deal’
  109. ‘GST Council can’t arrive at a consensus on compensation issue’
  110. ‘The prize in Economic Science 2020’
  111. ‘Delhi, Male ink $400-mn pact for connectivity’
  112. ‘Kamdhenu Deepawali Abhiyan’
  113. Ecology and Environment
  114. ‘NITI Aayog announces governing structure of India Energy Modelling Forum’
  115. ‘New Rules for Postal Ballot’
  116. ‘Cabinet ratifies ban on ‘7 hazardous chemicals’ listed under ‘Stockholm Convention’’
  117. ‘China pitches for closer ties with Bangladesh’
  118. ‘World’s longest highway tunnel opened in Himachal Pradesh’
  119. ‘India test-fires new version of nuclear capable Shaurya missile’
  120. ‘Involuntary narco tests an intrusion into a person’s mental privacy: Supreme Court’
  121. ‘Supersonic Missile Assisted Release of Torpedo (SMART) system’
  122. ‘State Cabinet nod to make Bodo, the associate official language of the State’
  123. ‘Shaheen Bagh case: Public spaces cannot be occupied indefinitely, says SC’
  124. ‘Major reforms in Natural Gas Marketing ’
  125. ‘MCI dissolved, National Medical Commission comes into existence’
  126. ‘India’s sandalwood trees facing threat from Sandalwood Spike Disease’

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