NASA Developing First Asteroid Deflection Mission

Key Feature:

NASA is developing the first-ever mission that will deflect a near-Earth asteroid, and help test   the systems that will allow mankind to protect the planet from potential cosmic body impacts in future.

  1. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) — which is being designed and would be built and managed by the John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.
  2. DART would be NASA‘s first mission to demonstrate what‘s known as kinetic impact or technique — striking the asteroid to shift its orbit — to defend against a potential future asteroid impact.
  3. The target for DART is an asteroid, Didymos that will have a distant approach to Earth in October 2022 and then again in 2024.
  4. The Didymos asteroid system has been closely studied since 2003. It has been classified as potentially hazardous asteroid.

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