National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture

  • NMSA seeks to transform Indian agriculture into a climate resilient production system through suitable adaptation and mitigation measures in domains of both crops and animal husbandry.

·         Features –

  1. Promotes location specific integrated/Composite Farming Systems;
  2. Conserve natural resources through appropriate soil and moisture conservation measures;
  3. Adopt comprehensive soil health management practices;
  4. Optimize utilization of water resources through efficient water management to expand coverage for achieving ‗more crop per drop;
  5. Develop capacity of farmers & stakeholders.
    1. There are three major components of the mission such as
  6. Rainfed Area Development (RAD)
  7. Soil Health Management (SHM)
  8. Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture: Monitoring, Modeling and Networking (CCSAMMN).
    1. Various dimensions of the mission have been embedded in to schemes of Ministry of Agriculture through a process of restructuring of various schemes/missions implemented and convergence with other related programmes of Central/State Governments.

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