North East Rural Livelihood Project

  • It is a central Sector scheme externally aided by World Bank and implemented in four North Eastern States namely Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura.
  • The objective is to improve livelihoods of the poor, especially that of women and the disadvantaged people in the project area.
  • The identification of Districts for the project was done by the State Governments based on social and economic backwardness.
  • It is supported by World Bank.
  • Desired Outcomes –
  • Making the SHGs promoted and supported by the project sustainable,
  • Increasing the income level of the members of the SHGs (at least 60% of them) and disadvantaged households by 30% in real term
  • Providing jobs or self-employment to the unemployed youths through various skill trainings, entrepreneurship development trainings, vocational trainings and management development trainings.
  • The more vulnerable tribal groups like Reang in Tripura and Lepsha and Bhutias in Sikkim will also benefit from it.

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