Physical Background of India

India is a land of diversity in all manners. From culture, economy and even the landscape of India has a diverse element, all on one landmass. The wide range of physical features of India makes the country a complete geographical study. In fact, India has every possible landscape that the earth has. From cold mountains to arid deserts, vast plains, hot and humid plateau and wide sea shores and tropical islands, the physical features of India cover every terrain.

Millions of years ago, the Peninsular Plateau region (the oldest landmass) was a part of the Gondwana Land which covered India, Australia, South Africa, and South America. Over hundreds of years of shifting landmass and ocean currents broke this landmass into multiple pieces.

One such piece- the Indo-Australian plate started shifting northwards, where it collided with the Eurasian plate (now Europe). Consequently, this collision caused the landmass to fold and become what we know as the Himalayas today. Thereafter, many such geological events led to the formation of each of the varied physical features of India.

Physical Background

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