Indian Geography Question Bank


Indian Geography Question Bank for Civil Services Preliminary Examination 



Indian Geography Question Bank for Civil Services Preliminary Examination


Geography of India



India Physiography

 The Northern Mountains (Himalayas)

The Northern Indian Plains

The Indian Peninsular Plateaus

Indian Desert, Coastal regions, Indian Islands

River System of India

Indus River System

Ganga River System

Brahmaputra River System

Peninsular Rivers India

Indian Drainage system Features & Patterns

India – Natural Vegetation, Climate, Soils, Agriculture

Natural Vegetation of India

Climate of India

Soils in India

Salient Features of Indian Agriculture

India – Energy Resources, Industries, Mineral Resources

Energy Resources of India

Industries of India

Mineral Resources India

India – Roads, Railways, Waterways, Census 2011, Statistics

India Roads, Railways, Ports & Airways

India Population Statistics

Distribution of Rainfall

Land resources: Availability and Degradation

Soil profile of India

Natural Vegetation

Forest Resources

The Forest Research Institute in India

Biosphere Reserves in India

Wild Life and National Parks

Report of Red Data Book

Lakes in India

Water Management

 Valley Projects link with Indus River

River Valley Projects of River Ganga

River Valley Projects of North – East India (Brahmaputra)

River Valley Projects of Peninsular India

River Project towards East (Bay of Bengal)

 List of Towns situated on the Banks of River

Economic Geography

Industrial Regions in India

Mineral belts in India

Power Resources of India

Coal Resources of India

Petroleum and Natural Gas

Atomic Minerals

Means of Electrical Energy Production in India

Atomic Energy

Non-Conventional Sources of Energy

Industries in India

Industrial Development in India

Iron and Steel Industry

Shipping Industry

Aluminium Industries in India

Cement Industry

Chemical fertilizer Industry in India

Petro-Chemical Industry in India

Engineering Industry

Pharmaceutical Industries in India

Agro-Based Industries in India

Forest-based Industry

Transport and Communication

Road Transport

Rail Transport

Water Transport

Air Transportation

Oil and Gas Pipelines

Personal Communication System

Mass Communication System


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