Indian Polity Topic Wise Question Bank

Indian Polity Topic Wise Question Bank


UPSC IAS Preliminary Examination 2020: Indian Polity Question Bank/Test Series as per trending and previous year analysis.


Topic Covered:

  1. Preamble of the Constitution
  2. Constitutional development
  3. Constituent Assembley
  4. Union and its Territory.
  5. Citizenship.
  6. Fundamental Rights.
  7. Directive Principles of State Policy.
  8. Fundamental Duties.
  9. President.
  10. Vice-president.
  11. Prime Minister, CoM and Attorney General.
  12. Parliament.
  13. Supreme Court.
  14. Governor.
  15. Chief Minister and CoM
  16. State Legislature.
  17. Executive
  18. President of India – Discretionary Powers
  19. Sessions of Parliament: Adjournment, Prorogation, Dissolution etc.
  20. Election to Rajya Sabha
  21. Judiciary
  22. Centre-State Relations
  23. Inter-State Council vs National Development Council
  24. NITI Aayog: The new ‘think-tank’ to replace Planning Commission.
  25. Local Self Government


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