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It gives us immense pleasure in presenting the Latest Government Schemes 2020, Useful for UPSC Prelims, Mains and all other competitive exams, this book deals with the relevant features and topics of Latest Government Schemes for Civil Services Exams in a systematic and comprehensive manner by the use of simple and concise language for easy and quick understanding. We hope that the readers will find this book user friendly and helpful in preparation of their examinations. I look forwarded to have the views, comment, suggestions and criticism from readers which would definitely help in further improvement of the Book. I would like to heartfelt thanks to all my team members for their efforts to prepare this book.
Latest Government Programme / Schemes 2020 have become an integral part of a lot of entrance exams being conducted by UPSC and State PSC Exams. It is very important for students to remain updated on the current happenings in their surroundings especially those that are important from the perspective of competitive exams. These Govt. Schemes, a thoroughly revised, reorganised, updated and ENLARGED edition, presents a comprehensive study of all the sections that are covered under the subject of General Knowledge. The Government Schemes 2020 provides the latest information & most authentic data reference material on Current Affairs and General Knowledge. It has specially been designed to cater to aspirants of various competitive exams like UPSC and State PSC Civil services Exams. The material has been written in a lucid language and prepared as per the requirements of the various competitive exams. Latest Govt Schemes 2020


Indian Government, at all levels, announces Welfare Schemes for a cross section of the society from time to time. These schemes could be either Central, State specific or a joint collaboration between the Centre and the States. In this section, we have attempted to provide you an easy and single point access to information about several welfare schemes of the Government and their various aspects including eligible beneficiaries, types of benefits, scheme details etc. Latest Govt Schemes 2020

Government Schemes in India is launched by the government with the purpose of addressing the social and economic welfare of the citizens of this nation.


These schemes play a crucial role in solving many socio-economic problems that beset Indian society and thus their awareness is a must for any concerned citizen. PT 365 Govt Schemes

This article will provide all the details of the Government Schemes 2020 that are implemented in India.

These Latest Government Schemes / Programmes based on The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB, Yojana, People, Events, Ideas and issues across the Social, Economic & Political climate of the State.

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