Rajasthan Polity and Administration

Rajasthan Polity and Administration: As majority of our readers, are engaged in preparation of Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS/RTS Examination) so the book has been made with regard to this examination.

Polity of Rajasthan covered Persons on Important Posts in administration and governance, Governor, Chief Minister, Council of Ministers, State Legislature, Elections, Judiciary in Rajasthan, Rajasthan State Legal Service Authority, Lok Adalats in Rajasthan, Administration of Rajasthan, Scheduled Areas in Rajasthan, and Local Government in Rajasthan, Panchayati Raj in Rajasthan, Urban Local Government, Important Constitutional, Statutory & Executive bodies of the state i.e. Rajasthan Public Service Commission, Advocate General of Rajasthan, Inter-State Council, Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission, Rajasthan State Information Commission, Lokayukta and function, Rajasthan State Commission for Women, Rajasthan Sampark and current updates of political and administration in rajasthan- useful for RPSC RAS/RTS Prelims examination.

Rajasthan Polity & Administration


  1. Political Background
  2. Govt. of India Acts
  3. Important term used in Polity
  4. Governor
  5. Chief Minister
  6. Council of Ministers
  7. State Legislature
  8. Election Commission
  9. High Court
  10. Rajasthan State Legal Service Authority
  11. Lok Adalats in Rajasthan
  12. Administration of Rajasthan
  13. Chief Secretary
  14. State Secretariat
  15. Directorates
  16. Administrative Setup
  17. Local Self Government in Rajasthan
  18. Panchayati Raj in Rajasthan
  19. Urban Local Government
  20. Important Constitutional, Statutory & Executive bodies
  21. Rajasthan Public Service Commission
  22. Advocate General of Rajasthan
  23. Inter-State Council
  24. Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission
  25. Rajasthan State Information Commission
  26. Lokayukta
  27. Rajasthan State Commission for Women
  28. Chief Minister’s Advisory Council
  29. Rajasthan Police
  30. Mewar Bhil Corps
  31. Miscellaneous

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Political and Administrative System of Rajasthan