RAS Mains Exam Important Practice Question


  1. Li-fi
  2. Gorge
  3. Mesabi range
  4. Green Bond
  5. Plastic currency
  6. List of monetary tools to combat inflation
  8. Llanos forest
  9. Who is the founder of Young India
  10. Who proposed three tier model for Panchayati Raj
  11. Chenab bridge
  12. Discuss about various power related schemes govern by Rajasthan government.
  13. Resurgent Rajasthan
  14. What do you understand by sister state agreement
  15. Vexation litigation prevention bill, 2015
  16. What do you understand by cloning? What are its uses
  17. What is the significance of Mangalyan over Indian economy
  18. Write a short note on Rhine river Which tribe of Rajasthan state was the original inhabitant of the Indus Valley civilization and what are their characteristics
  19. Discuss the role of inland waterways in exports from India.
  20. What is the difference between the presidential election and prime ministerial elections
  21. What are the various works performed by human blood? What are the essential nutrients that should be in human blood
  22. What do you understand by the term pollution remediation and how it is related to white biotechnology? Discuss the various tasks performed in field of white biotechnology by Anand Mohan Chakrabarty.
  23. How el-Niño is related to Humboldt Current? Discuss the significance of southern oscillations on el-Niño. How el-Niño related to Indian monsoon?
  24. What are the provisions for Juvenile justice in India? What is the amendment made in the Juvenile justice bill after Nirbhaya Case?
  25. Discuss the role of Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Indian Freedom Struggle and partition of India.
  26. Role of Rajasthani leaders in Indian freedom struggle.
  27. What are the Salient features of inclusive growth?
  28. What are the main function of the United Nations Economic and social council?
  29.  Write short notes on Industrial Corridors of india
  30. How the food processing unit will be helpful to uplift the socio-economic States of poor farmers?
  31. What is the Poverty alleviation Programmes of India?
  32. What is Targeted Inflation and effect of it?
  33. What do you understand by Performance appraisal?
  34. Catch ball Method or Catch ball Process

35. Zero Base Budgets

36. Write the limitations of Auditing

37. What is GI TAG? List of GI Tag in Rajasthan

38. Differentiate between line item budget and performance budget

39. Discuss the challenges at Gram Sabha level in context of Social Auditing.

40. Biofuel Policy of Rajasthan

41. What do you understand by Gender Budgeting?

42. What is meant by Integrity?

43. Objectives of New Public Management (NPM)

44. Nolan Committee

45. Hawthorne Experiment

46. Two functions of Divisional Commissioner

47. What do you understand by the Legislative control over administration?

48. Police Commissionerate System

49. Functions of the State Finance Commission

50. District Government

51. Clarify the meaning of Legitimacy?

52. What is Social Intelligence?

53. What do you understand by Modesty Trait?

54. Main styles of Learning

55. What is Stress?

56. Explain Proactive Inhibition

57. Legal status of person

58. What do you mean by Ownership?

59. What is the ‘POCSO Act’?

60. What are the Vishakha Guidelines?

61. What do you understand by Sayar?

62. State the main attributes of New Public Administration.

63. Clarify the importance of ‘Unity of Command’

64. Clarify the difference between Development Administration and Administrative Development.

65. Mention the basic values of Civil Servants.

66. Differentiate in Power and Authority

67. Explain the requirements of Delegation

68. ‘What is Cognitive Intelligence?’ Express the thoughts of Piaget in this reference

69. Analyse the main causes of forgetting.

70. What do you understand by Motivation? Which measures can be taken for motivating the civil servants?

71. What is ‘Antibiotic Resistence’? Write main reason behind it.’

72. ‘Pratyusha’

73. Internet of things.

74. What is ‘Nutrino’?

75. Write any 4 functions of Liver.

76. Barak-8

77. What do you understand by Nuclear Triad? Name the countries with

Nuclear triad capacity.

78. Satyendra Nath Bose

79. Name any 4 Radar System developments by DRDO?

80. What do you understand by Tyndall effect?

81. Smiling Budha

82. Differentiate between saturated solution and supersaturated solution.

83. What is Activation Energy? How Positive and Negative catalyst affect it?

84. Graphite & Diamond both are allotropes of carbon but different. How?

85. Name any 2 disinfectants in process of Water Purification.

86. Write the measures to save metals from corrosion.

87. What do you understand by ‘Big Data’? Write any 2 challenges related to its use.

88. What is ‘Graphene’? Write its applications

89. Explain the main difference between saturated and unsaturated fat with example.

90. Differentiate between Ballistic Missile and Cruise missile. Give example of each

Developed by India

91. In context of Nano technology explains the Top-Down and Bottom up approach.

92. Describe Nano Mission of India.

93. Differentiate between Mixture and Compound.

94. In context of Socio-economic Development, discuss National Digital Communication Policy-2018.

95. What is ‘Bharat Net Project’? Write down its main objectives.

96. What do you understand by Surface Tension? Name any two factors affecting it.

97. What is Erythroblastosis Fetalis? Write reason behind it and its treatment.

98. What is reverse osmosis? Its importance in water purification

99. What do you understand by ‘Enzyme’? Write its main attributes.

100. What is ‘Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojna’? Write its main attributes.

101. Define Nuclear Fission. Explain controlled nuclear chain reaction in detail.

102. Stating the contribution of Dr. Homi Jahangir Bhabha in development of

India’s atomic energy, explain all three stages of India’s atomic power programme.

103. What do you understand by pH level? Write applications of pH level.

104. What are the soaps? Write down fatty acids found in it and explain its cleansing action.

105. How soaps are different from detergents.

106. What do you understand by malnutrition? Describe the essential nutrient element for human Body.

107. Describe disease or defects related to human eye.

108. What do you understand by clone? Discuss the ethical and unethical aspects regarding donning.

109. Write main organs of human respiratory system. Explain the role of pulmonary artery and Pulmonary vein & human respiration process.

110. Who is considered the father of Sociology?

111. When and from where is considered to be the start of sociology in India?

112.  Write the definition of sociology given by Radhakamal Mukherjee?

113. Types of Garasia Marriage

114. State the features of caste given by Ketkar?

115.  Pishach Vivah (Demon Marriage)

116. Who is the author of the book ‘Social change in Modern India’?

117. Human Development Index

118. Which society did Srinivas study before giving the theory of Sanskritization?

119. Continuous and Sustainable Development

120. Fossil Fuels

121. World Hunger Index

122. Financial Inclusion

123. Green Accounting

124. High Powered Money

125. Green Subsidy

126. BHIM

127. What do you understand by the Politicization of Caste and Castesization of Politics?

128. Clarify the difference between Caste and Class.

129. Write the features of Social Values given by Radhakamal Mukherjee?

130. Write a comment on the sociologist M.N. Srinivas.

131. State the measures to remove communalism.

132. Comment on the recommendations of the Wadhwa Commission on the Public Distribution System.

133. What is the logical basis of the Mid Day Meal Scheme?

134. What is the difference between ‘Gross National Product’ and ‘Net National Product’?

135. What is meant by ‘Quality of Life’?

136. Brown Field Investment

137. Clarity ‘Inclusive Development’ and ‘Financial Inclusion’.

138. Explain Mixed Cropping and Intensive Cropping.

139. What do you understand by Minimum Support Price (MSP) ? In what way is it different from procurement Price?

140. Explain sustainable Agriculture.

141. What do you understand by Universal Basic Income (UBI) ? Does India need this? Analyse.

142. What do you understand by International Solar Alliance? How can India benefit the world by this?

143. What do you understand by NPA? State the measures of its solution?

144. Expose the arguments in favour and against the Special Economic Zones.

145. Write your comment on this thought that economic planning can increase the rate of Capital formation with much more fast speed, which can be obtained in the personal Savings and investment system.

146. Ganeshwar Culture

147. Temples of Kiradu

148. Panch peer

149. Tyaga system in Rajasthan History

150. Gadhbeethali

151. Pichhwai

152. Raangadi

153. Dursa Arha

154. Bhagat Movement

155. Gentleman’s Agreement

156. Ilbert Bill Controversy

157. Shortughai

158. What is orientalism?

159. V.D.Savarkar

160. Punnapra-Vayalar uprising

161. Rani Gaidinliu

162. Cripps Mission

163.  Stone Age sites in Rajasthan

164. What is Mand singing?

165. Bundi style of Painting

166. Main dance style of Garasia tribes

167.1857 Revolt in Rajasthan

168. Handicrafts of Rajasthan

169. Ashoka’s Dhamma

170. Market reforms by Allauddin Khilji

171. Describes the dancing style of classical and kathak dance

172. Young Bengal movement

173. Individual Satyagrah

174. Paris Peace conference

175. Folk music of Rajasthan

176. Land Revenue policy of Britishers in India

177. Why did the Industrial Revolution starts in Britain?

178. What are the causes and effects of First World War?

179. NEOM Project

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