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This Book is useful for RAS Mains Exam.
Practice Solved Question/Descriptive – Geography of Rajasthan
These Mock Solved Question Answer prepared as per last couple of years RAS Mains analysis.
We have covered almost all trending topics/static topics of geography of Rajasthan.
Answer Style is in 20/50/100/200 words.

Geography of Rajasthan-Solved Test Questions

Sample Preview:

Why Rewat hill of Rajasthan is famous?

Write short note on soils of Rajasthan.

Write the name of World Famous Wildlife Sanctuaries in Rajasthan

How Aravalli hills are formed?

Write the features and motives of first biological Park of Rajasthan?

Write down the Introduction of Aravalli Range and Hilly Region.

Which are the Highest and Low Density cities of Rajasthan as per Census 2011?

Write down the Flora and fauna of Thar Desert?

What are the Soil Classifications of Rajasthan in detail?

Why in spite of Aravalli range Rajasthan receives very less rain?

Which part of India gets the monsoon first?

What are pre monsoon showers?

Describe the physiographic character of Rajasthan and also mention the Importance of Aravali Mountain.

Why the Coromandel Coast gets most of its rain during the winter season?

1- Delineate natural regions of Rajasthan and describe any one of them.

2- Describe the role of RICCO in the industrial development of Rajasthan.

3- Describe the main source of power generation in Rajasthan.

4- Combating drought in Rajasthan.

5- Water Policy 2010 of Rajasthan.

6- Write a short note on Aravalli Range.

7- The district of Rajasthan which have the highest and lowest sex ratio as per 2001 census.

7(a) – Describe the seed Spices of Western Rajasthan.

8- Flora of Thar Desert.

9- Lake Development Projects in Rajasthan

10-What is solar Energy Enterprise Zone (SEEZ) and where is it located?

11- Mewat and its source of humidity.

12- Classification of Soil areas.

13- Dairy Development.

14- Stone Industry of Rajasthan.

15(a) – Main Districts which lie across Indra Gandhi Canal

15(b) – Tribal Mahila Self Help Group- 2 marks 2008

16- Cover Erosion.

17- Describe the Desert Development Projects of Rajasthan.

18-Describe the Population distribution format of rajasthan & illustrate its determining factors.

19- Describe the silent features of Physico Cultural Regions of Rajasthan.

20- Describe the Tribal Area Development & Plans.

21- Execution of Narmada Project in Rajasthan.

22(a) – Talchhapar Sanctuary

22(b) – Kankrej &its main varieties

23- Non-Conventional sources of energy.

24- Takhli Dam Project.

25- Describe the current status of population of Rajasthan and the steps taken to restrict the population growth.

26- Through some light on the administrative setup established in Rajasthan for improving the electricity condition.

27- Give a detailed explaination of the cultural regions of Rajasthan.

28- Through some light on the Chambal project of Rajasthan.

29- Explain various cattle varieties and their regions.

30- Drought and famines are frequent in Rajasthan. Mention the causes and suggest the ways to deal with this problem.

31- Describe the role of public sector industries in economic development of the state.

32- Review the present position of production of lead, Zinc and Copper in Rajasthan, stating the places of availability of the sources.

33- What means are used for irrigation in Rajasthan and what is their contribution in the agricultural development of the state?

34- Jakham River

35- Sambhar Lake

36- Compare the mother and child care programmes in Rajasthan with the other states in India.

37- Describe the Main features of ‘Bisalpur Project’?

38- Discuss the growth of Distance education in Rajasthan. To what extent it would serve the interests of Higher Education in the State?

39- Access the Progress of ‘Heritage Hotel Scheme’ Rajasthan during the last five years.

40- How far do you agree that Rajasthan is a Mazor cement producing state in the country?

41- Mineral oil Exploration in Rajasthan.

42- Solar Energy Projects in Rajasthan.

43-Write on any 5 wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan

44(a) – Rajsamand Lake

44(b) – Chappan Plains.

45- Write the names and special features of the main geographical sub-regions of Rajasthan.

46- Access the progress of industrial growth and its impact on Rajasthan in last five years.

47- Why population growth in Rajasthan is very high? What strategy should be adopted to contain it?

48- Why literacy in Rajasthan is very low? What immediate steps should be taken to improve the situation?

49- Name 6 important rivers of Rajasthan.

50-(a) Narmada Canal Project

50-(b) Making Rajasthan Literate

50-(c) Gurushikhar

50-(d) Longewala

50-(e) Dang

50(f) Mahi

50-(g) Thar

50-(h) Mewar

51- Access the progress of oil seeds production programme and its impact on Rajasthan in last five years.

52- Mention five major sectors/areas which would be crucial in the development of Rajasthan in 21st Century. Explain why?

53-Why female Literacy in Rajasthan is lowest in the country? What immediate steps should be taken to improve the situation?

54- Main problems of rapid industrial development of Rajasthan.

55- Explain Salient Features of Geography of Rajasthan.

56- Explain Solar Energy as a good source of energy in Rajasthan.

57- Indra Gandhi Canal Project

58- Aravali Mountain

59- Desertification.


61- Rajsamand

62(a) – Godawan

62(b) – Rathi

62(c) – Uppermal

62(d) – Hadoti

63- Access the Progress of afforestation programmes in Rajasthan.

64- Desert Development Programme.

65- Drought and famines are frequent in Rajasthan. Mention the causes and suggest the ways to deal with this problem.

66- Write briefly about the following mineral wealth in Rajasthan- Tungsten, Manganese, Zinc, Copper and Feldspar

67- What do you understand by Social-Forestry?

68- Why does western Rajasthan receives low amount of annual rainfall?

69- Present a short note on ‘soil degradation’ in Rajasthan. 2.5 marks-RAS/RTS Mains-1994

70- Explain ‘Bio-Gas’ as a good source of energy in the rural areas of Rajasthan.

71- Family Planning Programme in Rajasthan.

72- Name four breeds of cows which are generally classified as ‘Dairy Breed’.

73- Mention the names of two major tributaries of Chambal River.

74- Name two places in Rajasthan where ‘National Parks’ have been established.

75- Cash Crops of Rajasthan.

76- Maru- Ganga.

77- Desertification

77(a) – Vegetation and climate of Rajasthan

77(b)-Tribals of Rajasthan

77(c) – What are the important agro based industries which can be setup in Rajasthan?

78- Mineral resources of Rajasthan

79- Desert Development Programme.

80- The main Rabi crops of Rajasthan.

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